Costume actually downgrades a Hero?

I have Li Xiu maxxed+7.

In her normal state:
150% damage to all enemies
-20% mana to all enemies.

145% damage to all enemies
-10% mana to all enemies

I get making a hero stronger on offense than defense with a costume (depending on hero)
But this one really confuses me.

Is there something that I am missing??

Did you level up the costime?

Costume special is 180% damage and -10% mana to all enemies. Level your costume


I just got the costume today.
That’s why I asked before I started leveling it, didnt want to think I was spending resources with no benefit.

Thanks for the answers @HarryDeB @Grumpigamer

@JonahTheBard @zephyr1
Asked and answered, feel free to close or merge :slight_smile:


I’ll close it, since there are several other threads on similar topics.

Congrats on the new Costume! :slightly_smiling_face: