Costume Bonus and Emblems Question

I’ve just gotten my first 5* Costume, and wanted to better understand the mechanics of applying emblems to Heroes with Costumes, and how the Costume Bonus is implemented.

My assumption was that the Costume Bonus was applied to the base stats of the hero, and then the emblem bonuses were applied afterwards, including emblem multipliers.

Stat total = (Base stats x Costume Bonus) + (emblems + emblem multiplier)

However, when I was considering how the emblem multipliers worked, I wasn’t sure if this was actually the case, so I wanted to reach out and ask if someone has already looked at this.

If my assumption is incorrect, and the costume bonus is applied last, then applying emblems to heroes with costumes would be significantly better, as those bonuses would include potentially hundred(s) more points of base stats, and further buff the heroes, and make Costumes that much more powerful.

Stat Total = (Base Stats + Emblems + Emblem Multiplier) x Costume Bonus

I realize I can test this with other heroes I have mathematically, but wanted to see if anyone else has already done the work - would save me time I could spend doing something else.


The costume bonus modifies the bass stat itself. When you max a hero and it’s costume, the stats that you see on the card are modified values, which is the new “base stats”. The emblem multipliers work on those new base stats. Hope this helps.


I think the formula is this:

Final Hero Stat = (Base Stats x Costume Bonus) + Emblems + Emblem Multipliers.

To illustrate:

Original Lianna has 729 attack stat.
Original Lianna with max costume bonus has 765 attack stat (729 x 1.05 = 765.45 or 765 rounded off)
My Lianna with max costume bonus +4 has opted one attack talent node which is +15 attack. So, 765 + 15 = 780. And it is consistent with my current original Lianna+4 with maxed costume bonus.

Another illustration:

Original Kashhrek has 548 attack, 648 def and 1321 health stats. Original Kashhrek with max costume bonus (MCB) has 575 attack, 680 def and 1453 health stats. This is because 548 attack x 1.05 MCB = 575.4 ≈ 575 attack stat; 680 def x 1.05 MCB = 680.4 ≈ 680 def stat; and 1321 x 1.1 MCB = 1453.1 ≈ 1453. My original Kashhrek+11 with MCB has the following stats: 635 attack, 698 def and 1532 health stats. Thus 575 attack + 15 (2nd talent node) + 15 (5th talent node) + 15 (9th talent node) + 15 (11th talent node) = 635 attack stat; 680 def + 18 (3rd talent node) = 698 defense stat; and 1453 health + 36 (6th talent node) + 43 (8th talent node) = 1532 health stat. All this is consistent with the aforementioned data and computations.

Very thorough - thanks Ultra!

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