Costume Bonus - Visual by Nynaeve

Costume Bonus.

Visual based on the summary of @PlayForFun here : [Master] Costume Bonus percentages for heroes

Last Update : November 21, 2023


niice, thank!
ps: marlovia is named sand empire

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oops :sweat_smile:

fixed. thanks @Jomps :slight_smile:

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The reason S2 Costume Bonus is so low compared to others is because there will be S2 2nd costume Next year LMaO

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Nice visual summary :green_heart:

Hopefully we will see some costumes for non-Legendary Winter Heroes this year :crossed_fingers:


There’s only one ‘n’ in Seasonal



Excellent ^^ It’s fixed, thanks :slight_smile:

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Visual updated with the new Costume 3 “Toon” Bonus.

Visual updated with the latest Toon Costume Bonus bump up from the second November 2023 Balance Update.