[Master] 🛡 Alternate Defence / Raid Formations -- Feedback & Discussion Thread (Polls in post #2)

:shield: Alternate Defence Formations

Also called Raid Formations Defense Formations.

:timer_clock: Release?

This feature was added for a global beta test in the Version 35 update.

It then returned in Version 37 as a permanent feature.

Note: this feature will likely NOT be enabled until the version is forced.

Where does this apply?

This feature applies only to your Normal Defence. This means it applies to normal Raiding and Friendly Matches.

It is NOT applied to your War Defence or Tournament Defence.

:question: Where do I change my Defence Formation?

You unlock the ability to change your defence formation with Level 1 of the Hero Accademy.

This is also where you go to change your defence formation.

Note: you CAN face alternative formations even if you do not have Hero Accademy built.

:watch: How Often Can I Change my Defence Formation?

You can change your defence formation once every 24 hours.

:exclamation: Notice?

There is a notification/ UI marker to show when you are facing an alternative defence formation. It looks like this:

If there is nothing there, you will be facing a “Normal” formation (see below)

:information_source: Formations!!

In addition to the Standard formation, there are 3 alternative new formations you can choose from:

  • Reverse
  • Double
  • Reverse Double


This is the one you typically face where it is in a “V-Shape” with the apex at the front:


Essentially the inverse of “Standard”, so a “V-Shape” where the apex is at the back:


Also called “2-Up, 3-Back”. Two heroes are at the front (i.e. two “tanks”) with 3 heroes sheltered behind them.

Reverse Double

Also called a “3-Up, 2-Back”. There are three heroes at the front (i.e. three “tanks”) with 2 heroes sheltered behind.


There is no change to what columns hit what position on the defence team; all that changes is who/ what position is sheltered behind whom.

So, tiles CAN hit enemies per the below for ALL formations. What does change is the order of which position is hit initially by a given column.

  • Position 1 → Columns 1 & 2
  • Position 2 → Columns 2 & 3
  • Position 3 → Columns 3, 4 & 5
  • Position 4 → Columns 5 & 6
  • Position 5 → Columns 6 & 7

For Example, in Standard Position 2 can be hit by columns 2&3, but in order for tiles from column 3 to hit, the hero in Position 3 (tank) must first be killed.
Compare that to Reverse formation where column 3 tiles hit Position 2 initially, but column 2 tiles will hit position 1 until that hero dies.

:left_right_arrow: Target / Caster & Nearby Skills

Changed in Beta V35.5, in Double & Reverse Double, nearby now considers all enemies around the targetted hero (like in map stages).

So if you target position 3 with a “Target and nearby Enemies” hero, you will hit / affect all 5 positions.

Likewise, if a defense hero is “caster and nearby”, they affect all allies near them. So Guinevere in Position 3 will apply her buff to all her allies.


(Credit: @Liam_K for the idea of these graphics)

Note that Position 2 & 4 are not considered “next” to each other as they are separated by Position 3.

Reverse & Standard

Reverse & Standard formations (V & Λ) formations are unchanged & operate the same as previously.

:test_tube: Beta Content

Check the below #beta-beat thread for the history of beta for this feature:
🧪 Early Information on Raid formations [Part of The Beta Beat v31]

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Some Generic Polls

:question: Overall, what do you think of the new Defence Formations?

  • I love it, think it’s a great addition
  • I like it, think its a nice addition
  • I am indiferent to the addition
  • I dislike it, think its a bad addition
  • I hate it, think its a terrible addition
  • I’m not sure yet

0 voters

:question: Which Defence Formation do you like the best?

  • Don’t Know
  • Standard (V shape)
  • Reverse (Λ shape)
  • Double (W shape)
  • Reverse Double (M shape)
  • Like them all equally

0 voters

:question: Which Defence Formation do you Fear the most?

  • Standard (V shape)
  • Reverse (Λ shape)
  • Double (W shape)
  • Reverse Double (M shape)
  • Fear them all equally
  • Don’t Know

0 voters

:question: Do you think any of these Defence Formations will Shift the META?

(META = Most Effective Tactics Available)

  • Yes - Double (W)
  • Yes - Reverse Double (M)
  • Yes - Reverse (Λ)
  • No
  • Not Sure

0 voters

If yes, please leave a comment about which heroes you think will form the new META in a given formation.

:question: Do you think this should be extended from Raids to Tournaments and/or Wars?

  • Yes; to Both
  • Only to Raid Tournaments
  • Only to Alliance Wars
  • No, not to either
  • Not Sure

0 voters


I haven’t worked on hero academy yet. Would level 1 be enough to try alternative formations?

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I have the update but my HA is currently upgrading and I don’t get this option. I’m assuming we’d need to choose upgrading or raid formation?

It won’t appear until the start date


I’d like to see Beta testers comment with what defenses they’ll be rolling out with based on their Beta experiences.

Self and Nearby heroes got a “buff” per se within the double formations. Is it enough to bring Guin back? Enough for Zulag to be more prominent?


just checking if I am understanding it right. According to the OP position 3 will now effect all other positions, but it has 3 columns of tiles hitting it? Sounds like it will be a beast of a position to hold if that’s the case. Though I’m not sure how three columns of tiles will hit it in the Double formation.

Unless this is referring to when the sheltering hero is taken out?

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Only in Double & Reverse Double formations. specified in the OP:

Position 3 always could have 3 sets of tiles hitting it (ala tank).

In Double, this is still the case, however Columns 3 & 5 will only hit when the hero in Position 2 & 4 (respectively) have been killed.

Same as is the case for current game formation. Heroes in Position 2 can be hit by tiles in Column 3 but ONLY when the tank (position 3) has been killed.

Hence this:


Gotcha. The wording at first was a little confusing for me. But that makes sense. Thanks for the follow up.

Added some more text to hopefully make it more clear.


Looks good. Was probably good the way it was, but it’ll now help those of us who are a bit slower. :slight_smile:

I guarantee I’ll be trying both Zulag and Brynhild in some of these new defense formations.

Also hope my attacking Thorne +16 will be able to seriously punish those same formations. Grimm + Thorne could do a serious number on them, I think.


Yeah. All those hit 3 or affect 3 heroes will be useful. The ninjas also need just 2 charges instead of 3 to affect everyone in the W and M formations.

Edit : Elena and Sif’s riposte becomes more dangerous too


Oh good. I thought Ninjas could use a boost in power. :rofl:


Will this apply to War Defence or Tournament Defence in the future ?

I wish this will apply to the formation of attack team too.
I think Double and Reverse Double is more useful for attack than defense.

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I agree,… Hel and Proteus will freeze all opponent in one special cast :upside_down_face:
But will also have useful for defender as well, a variation at least, so that we have not only face with the same defense setup.

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Especially Sif with that halved damage of hers. Such teams are more vulnerable to 3-hit too though. GM, Drake and co. will have a field day.

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Ain’t got ha as yet so couldn’t set a a formation.
I did try and raid as many people with thee alternate defensive wasn’t that many same people kept coming up each time.
Bk and Figg was a pain the Frount two that I recall the reverse one wasnt as bad but did think the player may of set up wrong. I guess live game with people using it right will show how good or bad it can be…

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You cannot.

per the OP:


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