[Master] ❤ Friendly Matches -- Feedback & Discussion Thread

Yes. Unless a member of this forum attacked us.

What I didn’t expect is that most members of my alliance wanted to fight against me.:scream::rofl:

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I’m in a small, casual alliance that will not really benefit from this feature, but I came to recommend this thread because saying thank you when the game delivers on something that has been asked for is the nice and right thing to do. More of this on the forum, please!


Agreed. This is a great feature and our alliance is already having constructive fun with it! We want to use it as a tool to show how to build teams to beat the monster teams we see in Alliance wars all the time. I first attacked someone in my alliance with my killer red stack team that had a TP about 150 pts higher than his defense squad. Just to bust on the guy. Then I attacked one of our beasts with a team that was over 600pts in the hole when it came to TP. Just to show our lower level members what they can do with the right mix of heroes. And as a bonus I got to use a hero (Triton) that I had never ever used before. So that’s fun! All around great addition to the game.


By far the funniest they done so far. Stuff like this is what will make ppl keep playing. I had alot of fun playing today


This is a great addition to the game. It is a blast. We are all talking smack to each other in our alliance lol.


See this thread:

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Thanks, I didn’t know the question was about formations. I thought it was saying we could set a different defense for friendly battles.

Ahh, no. It mirrors whatever you have set for your current raid defence team. So if you want to test something different, just change your raid defence team :slight_smile:

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@Guvnor it was the “yes” response to this question that confused me. Probably just me though :grin:

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Fixed. I misread FloE’s question.

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I wish I can attack myself, too. I want to see how my defense team do.


I’m a little upset that Apple updates are behind. It seems unfair. Everyone is talking about it and here I am I don’t have this feature

If there’s no reward and no tracking and it doesn’t count towards chests/missions and doesn’t spam chat anymore, I kinda don’t understand why we’re capped at 5 fights a day… just to sell refills? Sounds a little over-confident to me lolol

Since I’m not able to record my hits for others I’ve been using this to test lesser-used heroes and team compositions against real defenses, and I think it’s been beneficial. It’s still an incomplete implementation without some kind of in-game record keeping, but has had some utility so far.

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I really enjoy this function and had a lot of fun playing with this today. However, I wish there was a way to see our friendly attacks, something like what we have in our WT or maybe something like our war scoreboard.

It’s also irritating not being able to see how many flags are available until you select a teammate and then select “battle”. I wish the flags were displayed at the top of our screen like the WE, Raids and Titans. I did a couple friendly battles then got distracted and forgot if I used all the flags or not.

Not to mention I don’t even know how often these are refilled. Is this every hour like with Raids? Every 4 hours like with Titans? Or is it just 5 per day unless you pay for more? (Another irritating feature, I won’t be buying more friendly flags, it’s a waste. I buy enough in this game without them adding more to it)

Hopefully they can figure out how to accommodate some of these features for us.


My alliances are enjoying the friendly?! :joy::rofl: battles. A great idea from the community implemented. Hope to see more…

Any chance, in the not to distant future, we can trade 4*AMs / heros with alliance mates. Doesn’t hurt to ask again #1256. :wink:


For all the good trading would bring there’s a murky dark side and whilst I know we’d not see it in our alliance someone would try something dodgy.

But inter-alliance battles has been awesome. Well done SGG for this.


I haven’t received an update yet either.

I had an alliance mate not have the update, but his wife did on a newer phone. So strange :thinking:.

please, let us know who atacked us and the result!


I finally found the update in the Apple App Store. Pull down to refresh and the update popped up. So much fun. But a tally, notification of whom attacked with result would be nice. Also I noticed the boards seem to be very easily playable.

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