🧪 Early Information on Raid formations [Part of The Beta Beat v31]

Hasn’t returned to Beta since it appeared in V31 of Beta Testing.

Was there a proposed beta feature that fail to be released before?

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Replicating minions on Santa’s challenge I’d one I recall. I believe there were nerfs to guin before I was in beta too. Also, I don’t believe the war rule elemental charge ever came out.


Are you planning to update the OP here too with V35 changes ?

As Double Raid Formation seems to be changed to this:
From this in the OP:

So you can directly hit all 5 heroes with tiles as 3 is no longer blocked completely by 2 and 4

The target and nearby enemies effect is also changed for the Double and Reverse Double Raid Formation.
It no longer his enemies in the same line.
If you attack hero 2 then it attacks hero 1, 2, 3
If you attack hero 4 then it attacks hero 3, 4, 5
If you attack hero 3, then all heroes are attacked. (No matter how many of the other heroes are died)
And of course it is working the same way for buffs and status ailments.


Should be “all heroes” are attacked, am I right?

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Sorry, yes, I have missed the “all” from that line.
I have updated my comment.

So for example Gravemaker attacks and gives burn status ailment to all enemies if you target the tank.
On defense if you have a Sif in the center, then Sif gives counterattack and mana generation buffs to all allies.

So some heroes will became much more powerful if you use them in these formations, while others are became less useful.

For example the normal version will became much better than the costume version for some recently released costumes if you use them as tank: eg: Boril, Cyprian

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@PlayForFun this says differently. They adjusted it.

It is not updated yet.
I just have a discussion with Guvnor.
He will update it tomorrow.

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This is good, as it makes it the same as PvE for “nearby”. It also gives a buff to those heroes, which, frankly, MOST of them need (Guinevere is the exception I can think of, but even she isn’t the terror she once was).

Maybe Zulag and Aeron won’t be utterly useless!

The change to the tiles is also good IMO.

So… I got catfished?..

Is that right… :rage:

There are some changes in the most recent Beta:


I stripped Margaret
followed by a long tedious sigh…

As your reading this, I am still exhaling and staring at your concrete, and confident words! They had such finality

The words were true then. The mechanics have been changed since then, though, and some comments in this thread are now obsolete. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m still exhaling. Hold on a sec…

Yeah so, I’m really not all that surprised.

Hit-all’s are taking a hit.
And v.fast Margaret is going to break things… in the 3-spot:

And gravemaker… Sif!

Oh yeah…
5 magic swords coming right up!
From the 3-spot:

lol… why should anybody be surprised at this point…

At least they appear to have fixed the mana mechanics on the W and M formations.

Last time that we saw formations, some of the positions shared the line of fire from a column of tiles. They split the damage, but both received a full tile’s worth of mana; which was awful to combat. This time, no heroes share a column of tiles (as far as I could tell; I only tested a little bit).


So raid formations are right around the corner. What enemies will my 20 talent sir rostely hit ( if he does not miss lets say )

Holy s_ I actually love this

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Now we will see good an bad heroes…many will change mindes😊

New Master Discussion now that this is implemented:
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