[Master] 🛡 Alternate Defence / Raid Formations -- Feedback & Discussion Thread (Polls in post #2)

I love.
I see that this can give a lot of output to heroes in exile and turn them into versatile and important heroes … But, as there is always a but … that will be useful if you go beyond friendly battles and implement that option. in wars and assaults, the game would take on a spectacular dimension.
Still good idea.

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I still wish target/caster and nearby would work like this:

Target position 1, you hit 1 and 2
Target position 2, you hit 1, 2, and 3
Target position 3, you hit 2, 3, and 4
Target position 4, you hit 3, 4, and 5
Target position 5, you hit 4 and 5

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Has this option started yet as i have upgraded abd my HA is maxed but I still don’t see the formation option.

Does it appear whilst you are using the HA for orher things?

My game is has also been updated to v35

I’m really looking forward to trying this out.

If I’m reading the notes correctly then in Double formation with Lady of the Lake at position 3 she would give a sword minion to everyone?

Worry is with her speed on defence not sure how often she would fire in that spot? Not sure if anyone in beta has any thoughts about effectiveness of a slow hero back there?

For attack team though looks a good spot for her…

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As stated in the op, no. 10 more days to go.


Damm, I read that and it didn’t even click, my bad, thanks m8

I just started to upgrade my SH to 25 so this is great, it has 11 and a half days to go so I will be able to try this.

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So, we will begin alternative defensive raid formation on Monday. Cool!!

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I don’t understand, will it be available for testing for all players? even if i’m not a beta tester?

it’s an interesting feature, however, it forces the attacker to think differently. And some teams woukd benefit heavily from this. It opens up new possibilities, but i like the standard V shape for now

Yes, per the OP the “global beta” is really just a global trial period.

Refer to the OP for info about who can set it and how.

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Less than 6 days for my SH 25 to be complete so I will be able to test this too, which will be nice woohoo.

OK, prediction time (which will probably be wrong, but hey, why not?). The most popular of these will be reverse V formation with two normal flankers on the ends and butcher AoE in the middle. Think Frigg-someone-Bertila-someone-Odin. It will be very difficult to stack against any of those, you can’t hit three on anyone with a flat match. The offense will be almost entirely dependent on vertical matches, which is not a good place to be. The 3-2 lineups don’t work. It takes a lot of good heros and turns them OP against you by making them, essentially, AoE hitters. I realize it makes effect-3 buffs go to all, as well, but that’s not enough of a trade-off. All the top raid defenses will be reverse V, there’s no noticable weakness to it at all.


Sorry if this has been answered or implied in the OP. I have HA but I haven’t researched any of the levels as I’m still upgrading it currently.

  1. Does Level 1 need to be Researched to have this ability?
  2. Can we access the Formations while we are actively building and leveling the Hero Academy levels?

Thanks for the info!

Will this option be available to all players or only to beta testers?

@Sapu yes as per Guvs post as quoted here

When will its going live??!
Or am i missing something??!

EVERYTHING is in the OP just READ


C.Azlar will hit all heroes with that uncleanseable burn?


Yep. Which is why you won’t see those formations much.

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