Marjana or *new* Khagan?

1 ring off… thoughts?

Apologies if there’s already a topic, I couldn’t find it…

Edit: Uploaded heroes

Totally depends on your other heroes.

Marjana is the better sniper. Khagan the better tank. You’ll have to post screenshots of your heroes and what you prioritize (titans, challenges, raid defense, etc) for people to be able to give you useful advice.

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Generalized thought: the game’s meta currently is Fast/Very-Fast, despite SGG’s attempts to slow the pace by adding slow heroes like Kunchen. Any Slow hero’s special skill needs to be game-changing when it fires. E.g. Alberich, Mother North, Azlar, Isarnia all provoke an “uh-oh” reaction when they fire. Khagan? Not so much. He’s certainly much better now than before, but I still have no plans to ascend him above 1/1. Marjana is a solid, fast sniper. As a general matter I’d go with her, though as @DaveSonnenberg correctly notes, it depends on what else you have.


Thank you for your reply @Kerridoc & @DaveSonnenberg, please find attached an edited image of all my heroes… I would appreciated what your thoughts are based off that… Dave: of you options, I’m least concerned about titans… if that helps.

I agree with Kerridoc that Marjana is overall better. But if you have a ton of snipers and no 5* tank maybe you would want Khagan first.

Looking at your roster you have the best tank so I’d say Marjana for sure is better


Give same statement to you: Marjana

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The image didn’t come through, @Tokolosh

Imgur: The magic of the Internet sorry about that, uploaded to imgur for you

let’s be clear Khagan is not a good tank - with a defense of 642 that doesn’t cut it.

I’m in a similar situation, but I am going to wait to see what April’s Hotm turns out to be when released.
I am honestly considering Azlar actually, +130 attack from marjanna although shes a sniper, it’s hard for me to decide who would serve me better in raids and on titans using mono in raids and 4-1 on titans where I more so rely on tile damage with my Tarlak. But Marjanna is the safer bet.

** just putting in my 2 cents, the pros have spoken**

Marjana is faster, stronger and hotter.

Seriously dude, not even think about it.