Advice from those who know

I find myself in doubt of whom to ascend
My main focus in this game are titans and events
Find myself with Marjana, red hood and gravedigger.
I am told Marjana is the one for titans, is it so?
I already have ascended Boldtust, Falcon and Natalya (deeply regret that)
On the other hand I suffer from lack of dedicated healers. Only have Delilah, and she is not maxed yet. I saw what red hood can do, and she would be good for events.
Right now I can only max one of them, and heavens know when I would get rings enough for another.
Any advice?

Id say Red Hood or Gravemaker.

If you lack a 5* healer then Red Hood.

For Gravemaker: even if it have DoT wich isnt too good for events… it is on /2 turns, so it actually be the exception that proves the rule by decreasing Waves lifespan. For titans Id say again Gravemaker over Reh Hood (you have items to prevent damage) and over Natalya (Gravemaker have more tiles damage and it increase further with his elemental link.

And Marjana?
20 characters

There are too many snipers for my tastes.
Change color is good and all but I value more individual effects.

I would and i did myself go with marjana. Never regret it

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