Margaret – New May 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

She does very well in platinum. Oooooops… diamond…Just got to 2700 again… and team is (see above) below 4000… fought 2 4200+ teams and won. She seems to be very nice for a green 2 3 stack.


Nice! I’m no veteran in diamond but it feels like fast snipers and splashers is all I see there… Very unforgiving overall. Can’t wait to have Maggie raid ready!

I’m having her at 3 34 now… special 8/8. Go upping her because of tiles

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I agree healing would be fantastic even if just a little. Would not want to take away mana speed

This topic is driving me nuts lol! Every time I get on and read new comments about her I flip flop back and forth on wanting her or not. And by the time a general consensus is made the month will be over and she’ll be gone.

I think I’ve finally decided I hope to get her and then will decide later if she is worth the materials or not…


Because she’s kinda so so. Its not that Hotm that makes you scream yeah I want it but you’ll be glad to have it if she dropped from an epic token.
Tile damage is awesome, her mana speed too, but I’d hate relying once more on rng in this game for her special. Really like the artwork tho. I guess she’d be good on titans too, especially on the higher lvl ones that do very high damage, thats almost like an automatic dodge on 3 heroes. Wouldn’t put her in defense tho, but I dont have it so im just speaking hypothetically.

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I hadn’t seen something more deadly than Isarnia firing, and that’s Isarnia firing twice.

TY for the video, I was unsure if Margie was worth it or not to ascend, but she is worth it at least to 3/70 (anyone worried about wasting my shields? np, I have like 20)

Forgot to say, that formation has a lot of sense. She will be a good flank of a healing tank, thinking about killing the tank with tiles to avoid using Specials when Margaret buff comes in action. I hope you will find a Guin tank flanked with Margie and see how that works

I have 4 accounts and managed to get Margaret on the one account that really needed a green hero. I have noticed that when using her on titan attacks her special animation obscures the screen as its background is black. This does waste time as you cant see the board whilst it plays out. Its not by alot but long enough to bother me. Am I the only person finding this annoying?


Me too … but wilbur too

By the way the nice thing about her that you can use her on level 1 1 and still make some differences.

I won a group of 2750with team of 2250 beacuse she dodged the snipers

Just did a raid against a far stronger opponent using both Inari and Margaret.
2 battles only changing healer in the second.

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Here is one against an over 4100 team.


Brief topic derail from ancient history … if you are using a TC to bank food, use TC20 or TC12 , not TC13.

If you want new 4* and 5* heroes in addition to banking food, use TC20.

If you don’t need TC20 heroes, TC12 banks food with the least ham and recruit wastage per day while producing expensive 3*s as food. It is better than TC13 or TC20 that way.


Nice home made music :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Odd placement for Khiona and her attack boost for herself and nearby allies.

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Margaret fixed like oneshoters


How about a 4 star holy healer. That’s all I’d like to see. Seems ■■■■ doodely dumn there isn’t one.

Friends need one help can u plz tell she is good to lvl up because I got her in this atlantis summon now . And this minion eater not good am I correct ?

Thanks .

Gobbler is not a fan favorite.

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Friend… Can I suggest you read the thread about Maggie - there’s rich discussion to help you make up your own mind.

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