Margaret – New May 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

Just used three of her in war against teams running blue tanks with double red flanks, all Maggies unleveled and all three saved my hide at least once.

Gonna be working hard to find those shields now! And at the very least one set of tonics.

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i already have 5 of them…but it does not seem so good.

She is also really good playing AW with the attack bonus. She will dodge most specials as their attack has increased. And as her buffs cannot be dispelled, you can pump Kiril or BT’s attack buff on her and not worry about being dispelled and watch her wreck havoc with her tile damage

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I also feel she would be one of the best for stacking greens as she offers + defense to other green allies. Great for those that like stacking.

Personally I can’t wait to try her out along side of Evelyn and Buddy

I received her on my first single pull in the last event. Didn’t cost me a cent.


I read most of these post as I have heaos of other forum posts and as some of you may know there are post on wanting more females as well as more average looking female’s and she falls in both these categories without a dout.

What I was actually disgusted with though was the amount if insults she received being an average female. To me it sounded like there was more posts in this thread degrading her looks instead of discussing her abilities.


Omg it didn’t work 9ne time it’s broken!!!1!!!

Scarlett special is only 205% I think, and Azlar is around there too. So the chance to dodge is on the lower end. The miss is calculated first. If I registers as a hit, then it’s moved to dodge chance.

You do know how the game and her special works, right?

At first I was all excited about getting HoTM, but now I’m considering feeding her to one of my Kashhreks. I really need a green 5*, but she’s just too stinkin’ fragile to be any use.

All the judges that have so much hate before testing her, I love you! The less of her around the longer I can protect my 2700+ trophy range.
I have 5 Margarets. One at 4/40 and she will get emblems, the rest will go to 3/70 for AW without a doubt. I’ve tested her thoroughly before I ascended her. My alliance mates were very sceptical, a few followed suit, now everyone wants her.
Gravemaker & Zeline also got a bad rap prematurely, where are those haters now?

She is a ton of fun, I activate the enemy on purpose to see how long I can extend a battle with her. Can’t wait to have two of her in my raid team.


I think you’ve just let the cat out of the bag… Maggie is a keeper :wink:

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Haha, yeah. Was thinking that too as I wrote the post. Maybe I should change it to throw people off.

Bad me, I’ll go stand in the corner now :rofl:


I personally appreciate you sharing your experience… Thank you immensely.

However, when you start facing multiple Maggies, you’ll know it all started here :wink:

Come out of the corner already :slight_smile:

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Why tell everyone while she’s still available? Your just as bad as the haters

If the enemy misses, that happens before Margaret’s ability is even tested. So that means there were relatively few chances for her ability to activate in that video.

She’s great in green offense stacks. She’s just not particularly good on defense.

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Over 800 attack very fast mana. Level 11 troops and you need six tiles to set her off. I’m seeing her being effective on offence. Game changer probably not always but to make your top 30 in wars for sure. Can’t underestimate the dodge special and class if we get higher level titans that harder as well. Some of you are guessing her worth before getting the final verdict.

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hmmm, you all think marge actually shines on offense rather than defense? that would be a big plus for me since the only defense i care about somewhat is war defense, i still use my 4+ team for defense in raids since i really don’t care that much for cups and my world ranking.

Just did 6 raids with either 2 blues or 2 purple. Atm she was 3 15… very nice to see the avatars turn and turn… worked my way up to 1st in Netherlands (2760)… I lost 1. 4 times Marga was still alive.

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To me, the deal breaker between good vs great is the # of turns for the skill.

I’ve been breezing through season 2 hard with this lineup: alby+4, panther 4/60, eve+4, kage +4, Ariel 4/30.

I swap in Frida for Eve when facing mitsuko and red bosses but both alby and Ariel are amazing because their skills last 4 turns.

I have Inari maxed but timing her skill to be active before opponents fire 3 turns is not easy. Factor in she does not have high defense or health and it just makes it more difficult.

Margaret is very fast mana but the challenges of low defense and 3 turns skill puts her more in the meh category for me. I haven’t lvled or played with her so it’s relating to my experience using Inari.


Margaret on defense more suitable at flank rather than tank. Here’s the video


I’ve met her on def in flank position too, maxed; she wasn’t even mildly annoying. But then I usually take the tank with tiles and Maggie was collateral damage in that - her special never came into play even if she did get it off once.

I wouldn’t put her in def at all.


She might works well in platinum cups and below

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