Margaret – New May 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

Sure and can u send me the link plz

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Well, SGG must have heard me, because I now have Margaret+Margaret instead of Gravemaker+Hel. Time to make the best of it. Really she looks useful, but would like to trade the second one in. Not so likely to run two of them on offense the way one might with Gravemaker or Hel.

Kage hit the 2x times 1 in Tarlak another in Margaret, because habildade does not work with Kage?

I wonder if Margaret is worth the tonics, I’m still not confident, I see several videos Kage attacking successfully, Margaret seems to be immune to Kage

Yes, she is. It’s possible to apply Riposte on her and see Kage dies hitting her.

I’d love to see Kage dying like that :grin:

I believe Kage removes the Riposte before he swings.

Margaret is resistant to dispels and buff removals.


You are correct! Wow. A lot of push and pull going on between characters.

So is there any mistake, resistant to dispels then why does not it work with Kage?

In the video, it wasn’t Riposte. Her dodge just didn’t work.

How to Rip Mag?


If it doesn’t work it’s a bug and should be fixed asap.

Using a hero with the skill (Cyprian, Boril, Elena, Boss Wolf, and a few others). But it’s a very specific scenario.

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Of course, it would not be a good idea to have to use another hero to compensate Mag, I’m sad with her, I do not know if they’re worth the tonic :thinking:

She doesn’t give 100% chance to dodge

No I mean, Kage shouldn’t be able to dispel riposte on Margie even if his special hits her. That doesn’t happen or does it?

The max is 90% chance. Against a one hit sniper like Kage, I will take those odds any day.

How can i place a vid here?

Red most of the thread but still not certain if she worths the final ascension. Are there any veteran players you ascended her to max level, what you guys think. Many thanks in advance

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