Mangy Marauders of “NI” is Now Recruiting! Join now before it’s too late!

Looking for a fun, friendly alliance of mostly english speaking mature players taking down 11/12* titans, in a non stressful environment? We are the alliance for you!


All we ask is that you,

  1. Have at least 2400 trophies
  2. Hit the titan
  3. Use all war flags
  4. We use Line but it isn’t a deal breaker if you don’t have it.
  5. Have FUN!!!
  6. The choice to bring shrubby, is totally up to you. :rofl:

Drop in, have some wine and dance by the fire under a clear moon, as we prepare for our next war.

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What are you waiting for? Come join our active and fun alliance today.

Do you enjoy taking down 11/12* soon to be 13* titans? Do you want an experienced alliance that can help you grow and still understand that real life happens? Come join us today!

7 Golden spots waiting for you! We have several members that frequent the top 10 in global. We are dedicated to the game but we also realize life happens. Interested yet?

The rules are simple - hit the titan, use all war flags if opted in, and have fun! Experienced players and growing players alike welcome. We have lots of members with excellent advice and realize that everyone has something to offer, so we look forward to learning from our new members as well :slight_smile: Join us today!

Looking for active players to become a Marauder.

spots are still available.

Mangy Marauders of “NI” is looking for you!

We would be honored to have you as a Marauder. Come check us out.

Just won our war and killed a lucky rare titan :slight_smile: Several spots still available; we are happy to have new players join!
If you or someone you know is a high level player who likes to play alongside their relative/spouse/friend who is still in the 2200-2600 trophy range but is more of a growing player, we are the perfect alliance for this!
We are committed but casual, and play at a high level without losing sight of the fact that this is a game and it should be fun! So come join us today!

Now is the perfect time to join us! :hugs:

We took this down yesterday, now imagine what we could do with you!
Do you want to be apart of a team that work together to bring home the goods? Well what are you waiting for? Join us now, we’ll even throw in a complementary shrubbery :grinning:

6 spots are available. Currently hitting 11/12* titans. Looking for players that are willing to use all war flags and hit the titan.

We now have 4 spots left, come check us out before it’s too late.

I replied to the wrong post. My boyfriend and I are interested in joining if you are looking for 2 players. I’m good but my bf is great

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Hi, MissLady, yes, we’re still looking for players. We already have two husband and wife members, so you guys will fit right in. :blush:

Now is the perfect time for you to join our fun and active alliance. For a limited time we have lowered our trophy requirement to 2200.

Looking for active players to join us. Must us all war flags and hit the titan, ranging from 11-12* with the occasional 13*.

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