We currently have 4 spots available. Looking for mature active players with at least 2400 trophies. Currently taking down 12* titans. Must use all AW flags or opt out if you can’t use all flags. Have Line? Feel free to contact our leader Piggerston, Line ID pfatsberg

Come be a Marauder today!!:smiley:

Looking for 4 awesome active players.

Join our mighty and friendly alliance!! 12* titans and thrilling AWs are waiting :slight_smile: great balance between the game and real life schedule :sunny:

We have a lot of knowledgeable members in MM of NI, that can help you grow as a player. We are fun, some might even be a little crazy, lol :joy: We still have 4 spots waiting.

Come check us out. We have 4 spots currently available.

If you’re looking for a strong alliance, taking down 12* titans, with members that frequent the top player list and strive to use all AW flags, give us a try.

Bump …bump …bump :slight_smile:

Still looking for 4 fun and active players to join our well established alliance.

Bumping once again. Looking for awesome players for our awesome alliance.

There’s still space in MM of NI, don’t pass up the opportunity to become a Marauder.

Bump…Bump… bumping along looking for 4 awesome players. :joy:

Three spots now available. This is the perfect time to be a Marauder.

We still have 3 spots available.
2400 trophies
Use all AW flags or opt out
Taking down 12* titans

Check us after war and join our mighty friendly alliance :slight_smile:

We have 3 spots available.
Bump :grinning:

We still have 3 spots available in MM of NI
Now that the war is over, come give us a try.:grinning:

We still have spots available for active players.
We only ask that you use all AW flags or opt out until you’re able to do so. We are a fun alliance, where most players having been playing together for nearly 2 years or more.
Come check us out.

Bump… bump… bump😂

We’re still looking for fun active players to join us over at Mangy Marauders of NI. Stop by and see if we’re a great fit.

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