APEX MARAUDERS Is Recruiting active players

APEX MARAUDERS - is now recruiting!
Leader: Callysta

About Us

  • Competitive but flexible. Real Life happens.
  • 80% win rate in war
  • 9 and 10 star Titans
  • Friendly players, some New & some Experienced
  • Game & Life chat
  • Always improving our Heroes & Teams within our capability
  • Members from all over the world (mainly US & Rest of the world)


  • 1600 Trophies
  • Daily Titan Hits (aim for 5)


  • Alliance Wars optional (if opted in, please have minimum 6 teams)
  • Store spending is entirely your choice
  • Walk the plank! (If you’re away too long without notice, or cannot treat fellow crew with respect & common courtesy, you’ll be pushed over board!)

We’re a friendly bunch of people, looking for new crew members, so if you feel we’d be a good fit for you & you suit all of the above, jump on board.

Line ID: knutmeg

Take a chance and join or come say hello, pretty sure you’re like it and stay.

Any 1 up for a challenge? Join now

Still got some spots open

How do I join this alliance,I’m quite new to the forum thing! My current alliance is kind of falling apart and fancy a change I think. Thanks


Type the name out will accept the invitation

Type or copy it just like it is

Came back there was a mistake, sorry about that bud.

Please feel free to join again , I do apologise for the inconvenience

Join us again bud. U like it.

Got 2 new faces, still got some place available, join and be part off a strong team

4 more spots open, looking for strong players

Still got 4 spots open

Last war won, any1 looking to join.

Thanks you to all the new players that joined, any1 else interested?.

Still looking some players, come join the mad house.

Still have place available

Still looking for new members

Still looking for players 45 and up with.

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