Mana Generation under buffs/debuffs in offense

Thank you for taking the time to lay all this out clearly!

I would have said simply, but my definition of simple, doesn’t cover mana generation equations :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve always been in awe of the analytical minds that manage to describe a complex game in bite sized chucks for those whose brains operate in a more rng manner :kissing_heart:

Really appreciate the time and effort that went into this. Thanks again!


Thank you so much. All the credit goes to all the brilliant players who figured out all the actual details regarding mana generation, way before I started playing this game. I just wanted to present it all under a single framework. :slight_smile:

PS: Btw, I have now removed the word “simple” when describing the formula. because I just realized that “simple” is not the right word to describe such a framework. :rofl:


Your formula has mana troop bonus being additive with new mana % effects (e.g. if Telly fires you would add her negative mana effect to the bonus from troop then multiply this sum by mana that would have been gained from tiles). Are you sure this is correct? All other troop bonuses seem to be applied before the match and become innate to that hero (the reason +atk from a troop raises DoT, but +atk applied during the match does not affect DoT, for example) and should theoretically be multiplicative, not additive to mana gain changes applied in-match.

To clarify, if an average speed hero gains 10% mana per tile and is wearing a troop with 10% mana gain (I know, but humor me for the sake of round numbers), the mana gained per tile would be 11%. If multiplicative as I assume it to be, mana gain per tile under a Telly gimp is 11 x 0.66 = 7.26% mana per tile. If additive, gain per tile is 10 x (1.1 - 0.34)= 7.6% mana per tile. Not massive difference, but does alter a few breakpoints.

I’ve been having a tough time testing the theory as the only differences in tile breakpoints seem to occur with troops at a higher level than I have access to to test.


Just an observation here, Alby boost actually respects mana speed i.e when active boosts 7% to slow mana, 8% to average, 10% to fast mana and 12% to very fast.

Brilliant formulae lay out :+1:t3:


This is a very good question. Even I had this same thought when coming up with the formula, So I had to test it out. I took a costumed Rigard (5% mana bonus) and a level 1 mana troop (5%) thus giving us a total of 10% mana boost (MB = 10%). I ran numerous simulations and one particular case helped answer this question.

I made a purple dragon bomb and then burst that bomb, thus giving us a total of 5 purple tiles. Now after Telluria fired I immediately made 2 x purple 3-matches (total of 6 tiles) which charged up Rigard fully. Now this was very interesting to me. Because depending on which method we use - additive or multiplicative - the result would have been different.

From the formula given in the post the total mana generated in this scenario would be:

5 x (110) + 6 x (110 - 34) = 1006 ( just enough to fill Rigard’s 1000 capacity mana tank)

But, if we consider Telluria’s effect to be multiplicative it would have been:

5 x (110) + 6 x (110) x 0.66 = 985.6 (just shy of filling Rigard’s 1000 capacity mana tank)

So, from there I concluded that SG applies the mana debuffs on the bass value and not the modified boosted value. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you. :slight_smile:

Regarding Alby’s mana regen, you are absolutely correct. So depending on the mana capacity of the hero the amount of mana units that Alby generates per turn is:

Very slow: 6% of 1350 = 81
Slow: 7% of 1200 = 84
Average: 8% of 1000 = 80
Fast: 10% of 800 = 80
Very Fast: 12% of 650 = 78

So, I averaged it out to 80 for all heroes, or as most players like to say as “0.8 times the mana units generated by 1 base tile (100 in our case)”. :slight_smile:


Just double checked your work, and can confirm this to be correct. For the life of me cannot figure out why SG would program some stats to update before the match starts and others to calculate mid match


Nice test. Definite answer. Thank you for the work you have put on this thread.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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All calculations under Example 3 have been updated considering the new version of Telluria. :slight_smile:


I’ll give you one for millions of hams!

I’ll give you one for more millions of hams!

This is amazing work! Thank you so much from us lazy mathematicians!

Information is power! Off to the battlefield!


You’re welcome. Plus, I have 44 million hams in storage, I will take one purple mana troop please. :rofl:


Done and done! :grin::smiley::wink::smiley::joy::rofl::sweat_smile:

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I believe that should be 4%, right?

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Ahh, good catch. Thank you. I will rectify that. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the effort, I really appreciate math. I find a chart to be more intuitive when I’m planning ahead, but your formula would make the basis of a great little program for use on the fly.

My question to you is, what can you tell me about
mana generation on defense?

You’re welcome. Yes, for simple mana generation with mana boost from troops, emblems, costumes, etc… it’s easier to create a chart because it’s more deterministic. That’s why I linked the chart under Example 1. For mana generation under buffs and debuffs, it all depends on how many tiles one has moved before and after the effects, so it’s much more harder to create a concise chart. But atleast the formula will help determine it case by case. :slight_smile:

I am not very knowledgeable on the mana generation on defense, because it is much more complicated and nonlinear in nature. But, a lot of players are trying to investigate it, so you might follow some of the posts like this. :slight_smile:

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Ty! Awesome thread! …

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