A Mana Question to hurt the brain – how many tiles does a Very Fast hero like Gravemaker take to charge if Telluria fires?

I am sure everyone is familiar with the various mana breaks that you get with mana troops of different levels (e.g. lvl 11 for v. Fast, lvl 23 for average etc). Because Telluria has been such a dominant force in the current metagame, I was wondering how her mana slow would affect the number of tiles it would take to charge a hero.
I will use Gravemaker as an example since he is very fast. It would normally take him 7 tiles to charge, but stick a lvl 11 troop on him and he charges in 6. With Telluria affecting him, how many tiles would it take to charge him with:

  1. No mana troop applied
  2. A lvl 11 mana troop applied
  3. A lvl 23 mana troop applied
  4. A lvl 29 mana troop applied
  5. A lvl 29 mana troop with mana node talent chosen.

If someone could educate me on how to do the maths it would help me greatly understand this concept and adapt my gameplay accordingly.

This should cover it off :slight_smile:


@Ebonest made a chart that might help answer your question:


Here it is…


Where is this from? I could use this for the rest of the heroes!

Thanks for this… I read this half way and my brain started to hurt :rofl:

Fromula is from here by @ThePirateKing.
Mana Generation under buffs/debuffs in offense

I used this formula:
x * (100 – 34) = 650
34 = % mana after telly fired.
650 = Mana unit for very fast, it is 6.5 * 100, to make it simple round.

And I used this tools to get the x variable.


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