Fighter emblems choice

Hi everybody,

Has anyone faced the difficult choice between Poseidon and C. Magni regarding fighter emblems??

Thanks folks

For me I went with Costume Magni because I already had costume Joon in my defence
Whichever hero you choose good luck

Magni! I eventually pulled poseidons emblems. But if he is your only yellow hitter. Hes pretty solid

There is no question that costumed Magni is way better than Poseidon, however, as Fighter class talent Revive is touted to be one of the most useful talents around, costumed Magni loses such talent as his costume version makes him a Druid class hero enabling him to summon a Thorn Minion at a certain percentage after being hit, a talent which in my opinion is a bit inferior to the Revive talent. I am not saying that all Fighter emblems need to be spent on Poseidon, but that is something a player must also mull about and consider.


I see your point and I agree that emblems matter and beside the fact that C. Magni is offensively awesome, I still don’t have a proper holy sniper maxed (I do have WR and Drake). So I believe I’ll max Poseidon (giving him fighter emblems) and I’ll put him on my defence to replace white rabbit.
I will lose something on offense with unemblemed C. Magni (still good) but I think overall will be the better solution.

btw thanks for the tips

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