Magni+C or Poseidon for Def?

This is my current Defence:

I’m holding around 2500-2600 cups.

Recently I maxed Magni and his Costume:

This is my current Poseidon:

Now I’m thinking about moving talents from Poseidon to Magni und putting him in Poseidons spot on my Def Team. Which Magni would you choose? Would it be an improvement after all? Normal Magni would have an insanenly high attack stat and decent def and health. I would go full attack on Magni or Magni Costume.

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@matthias1459 - If you swap cMagni for Poseidon, are you thinking about going 2-2-1 (Reds and Blues) on defense? If so, teams will easily be able to counter your defensive alignment. What other options do you have for your defense?

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Individually good heroes but i never recommend putting two heroes of same color in the defense team. I recommend you to change marjana with purple 5*

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In purple I have Clarissa, Killhare, Guardian Panther and Obakan. No viable options in my opinion.

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Why isnt killhare a viable option?

And do you have any yellows?

don’t say go fish…

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i’d vote for clarissa too, she’s great but clashes with telluria for emblems

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I don’t like Killhares Def-down in a defence team and in the hands of the AI. And I had to shift fighter emblems from Poseidon.

In yellow I have Guin and Drake maxed. Both without emblems.

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Yes, and without emblems she is too squishy on that level.

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drake is a clear winner and worthy of emblems, but of course there are other very good choices for monk emblems too. who has your monk emblems?

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I’d put drake and killhare in wings

With killhare in wing her D down doesnt come into play since she’s merely there to finish off opponents and match is over by the time she fires

Drake is the best yellow wing in the game imo

I’d put drake left behind bk

Killhare behind alasie

Then you have speed on both sides and heroes that hit multiple on both sides


100% agreed, those would be my choices, meaning c-magni wouldn’t make it to the lineup

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Hmm, interesting thought with Drake and Killhare. Of course I had to strip Wilbur and Wu…

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Wilbur is pretty good without emblems imo

Though i just use him for titans outside of the occasional 4* tourney offense setups and challenge events


2-1-2 without yellow/purple and the 1 tanking is actually viable.

You either take the weak color against the tank and suffer, or you’re weak against two enemy heroes and neutral against at least one.

That said, with the OP’s roster - it’s criminal not to include Drake and Killhare.

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So it’s stripping Poseidon for Killhare then.

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You have really nice heroes but their classes clashes with each other, so you cannot utilize a nice team, somehow unfortunate. If i were you, I would spare +7 talents on clarissa and use the following team;

Alasie-Dark Knight-Telluria-Clarissa-Poseidon

For reference, I would like to say my current def team too;

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A high emblemed Killhare is savage in defense. I usually raid 44-4600 teams and I can tell you, when that rabid bunny fires, your team is way too crippled to make any use of that def down she gave herself!

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@matthias1459 I would go with Drake and Killhare in your defense replacing Poseidon and Marjana as @Rigs said. Both are heavily used by the Top 100 players in the game and are highly ranked in Razor’s Top 20 list of heros. Killhare’s massive hit to all heros outweighs her defense down buff. And Drake is just an absolute beast! He probably is the best Holy 5* snipper in the game right now. I have coveted Drake for awhile now, but the portal gods have been reluctant to bless me with his presence! :wink:

@Eldente I agree that 2-2-1 is viable and I almost went back to edit my previous post to say just that. When playing this game, you have to play with what you have and not what you hope to have. But without knowing what else was on @matthias1459 roster, I wasn’t sure if 2-2-1 was really his only/best option.

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Thanks for the great advices! :slightly_smiling_face:

Just to give you guys a short feedback after shifting a lot of emblems and feeding a heap of food and iron here is the result so far:

Holding between 2600 and 2700 cups without any effort.