Malosi – 5* Holy/ Yellow - April 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

before & after 20chars

Nice to see SG continue to put out heroes with new or unique abilities. On attack there are certain match-ups where Malosi will be really helpful, especially vs. Kunchen and to a slightly lesser extent Ursena. Those two are obviously highly prevalent as tanks in diamond so for that reason alone he might be worth ascending. For players without a deep bench I think basic strong snipers like Joon are probably still a better choice. Malosi seems well-balanced to me. Strong in certain cases on attack, but less so on defense or vs. Titans. Maybe for once there will not be outcries of “this HotM is OP nerf immediately” or “this new HotM is completely unusable garbage”. Probably naive of me to hope though!


That’s how weapons work though. As Lianna explains in the Trials, it’s all about breath and control (forget the exact wording, but she knows what she’s talking about). The bow does the damage, guided by her skill. Finley uses a sword. He leaps lightly from one foe to another, carving delicately but effectively. Malosi, on the other hand, scorns weapons. It’s a straight fist between the eyes and lights out.

Who, after all, is more dangerous: the heavyweight champion of the world, or a little squirt with a machine gun?


He’s gonna bite his tongue off after he hits the enemy. Dumb brawler smh.

“Malosi is ugly”. Of course he is, but why would anybody be offended about that kind of opinion? C’mon dudes…


I don’t think Malosi is ugly and I think his main use is against Telluria to stop her from messing with everyone’s mana (at least that’s what I plan on using him for).


does his skill prevent healing being cast?

telluria’s healing, yes. direct healing like melendor, no.


@bobiscool thanks…I was going say that but you beat me to it. :+1:

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this really gets me excited…for May 1 lol


coz hes very fast, this guy will disable telluria, kunchen (def down), ursena (reflect), guin (heal+def)…so all diamond tanks now are easy targets to this guy, pretty sure he’ll be in every raid time from now on


F.W.I.W I don’t think he’ll be earning a spot on any of my raid teams :stuck_out_tongue:

Good but not good enough.

Cross quote from my Pre-Release thoughts:


looks awful . Fix it

Note that Malosi only blocks status effects and stacks from being casted.

This does not include:

  • Direct heals
  • Dispels or removals
  • Health boosts
  • Minion summons or minion effects
  • Mana reductions or direct Mana increases (such as Misandra’s)

For what is considered a status effect, please see the first post in the linked guide. All that will be blocked from being casted.

I’ll be working on adding in a section for Stacks in my current Status Effects guide, in the near future as well :slight_smile: Look forward to it!

Currently Mireweave from Season 3 is the only hero who has a stack. This is blocked from increasing if she uses her skill subsequently under Malosi’s ailment.


He looks like if costumed Joon became Hulk. :wink:

Another not that good very fast like Margie. Blocks ailment dealings of only one. He should block at least 3. Okay, he can block the tank, so +1 for damage dealing tanks buffing the own team. Lvl11 mana troop 6 tile Telly/Kun counter.

Jackal + Joon = 80% kill
Jackal + Malo = only half down

I would take one, but definitely not chase him.


Would you substitute Malosi instead of Neith on defense? Let’s say a defense of: Sartana-Vela-Telluria-Yellow-Tyr, where the yellow could be Malosi or Neith.

I wouldn’t as having no control over where he hits is the key along with the timing


I personally don’t think that Malosi is valuable on defence…

His special requires Timing AND Aiming to be effective… neither of which the AI is good at doing… Also, the opposing player can simply wait out the effect duration & cast afterwards…

He’s relatively squishy so even at very fast, he’s only going to get 1 maybe 2 casts on bad to decent starting board… Which means that the AI has only 2 chances to a) time the special right and b) aim at the right hero… I don’t like those odds :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d stick with Neith… AOE + Blind + Mana cut is better than MAYBE having the AI get the right hero at the right time…


Shut your tongue, I used to have Bloodbowl as a youngster!


I misunderstood this hero. I thought he would block skills from even being cast as long as they had a status effect associated with them. Not very OP then.

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What would you think about swapping in Sif for Neith or Malosi in that Sartana-Vela-Telly-yellow-Tyr defense? I’m leaning to sticking w Neith.