Magni Talent Tree

I’m finally almost done maxing Magni and loving him so far. I’ve been forced to save fighter emblems since Boldtusk doesn’t want to join, so I’m wondering the best route to spend those fighter emblems.

My initial thinking is to beef him up and make him less squishy. He hits hard and I want to make sure he is sturdy enough to get his specials off. My only reservation on this approach is that I’m not working on his strengths. Should I make him a killer assassin, or just a study hard hitter?

Yeah, great questions. I am struggling with this too. He is so squishy.
I think your decision will depend on context.
My current offensive favourite raiding team is +13 Rigard -+13Proteus -+3Alice -Khiona-+13 Sonya. I stay comfortably around 2550 cups (with a different defence MN-Zimkitty-Khiona-Drake-Alice) and can (75%) take down teams 300 to 350TP above me. This team works beautifully against Guin-Gravemaker who are at least 50% of what I see in my opponents.
I looked at Magni’s maxed def against Sonya’s and its terrible. But his attack is heaps higher so he will do better attack wise (even unemblemed) than little emblemed Sonya in my team. I need him to survive to work with my team. So I am gonna go defence. What I have now is working, I dont need a smidgen more tile or special damage.
If I were thinking blue stacks for red Titans, I would go attack. But I’m not really fussed about the Titan dmg.
So I suggest you consider synergies and context in making your decision.

My advice is go in the attack/HP route.

Attack as priority then HP.

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