Impossible choice between blue A+/A heroes (poll)

I have been very lucky with 5* ice heroes and now I must choose who gets the scopes. Already maxed ones are Misandra, Isarnia and Miki, and I have 3 very good ones waiting their time.

Who would be you choice?

  • Ariel
  • Alice
  • Magni

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[insert spiel of needing to know roster, needs, blah, blah blah, etc.]

Blind of aforementioned knowledge:
I would go Ariel- Alice- Magni only because Ariel is 5* healer with cleanse and mana regen and staying alive and killing things before you can die are pretty much the name of the game.



My other maxed 5*s are

Ursena, Domitia, Sartana
Onatel, Joon, Vivica
Kadilen, Kingston, Morgan
Anzogh, Grazul

Onatel, Leonidas
Tarlak, Margaret
Guardian Kong, Tyr, Marjana (working with J-F)

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Ariel without knowing rosters.
After seeing rosters, still Ariel, then Alice.
Avarage healer… cleanser, mana boost… easy choice…


Obviously it wasn’t impossible choice at all. Ariel got the scopes, she is my favourite too.

It’s unusual that this would go any other way… And it doesn’t here.

Ariel is the best healer in the game. The only negative to her is her crayola graphics.

Alice is a great sniper, though arguably already having Kingston makes her an alternative colour copy (not exactly, but close).

Magni is a decent S1 sniper. Alice is a better sniper though so you’d do her first.

Ariel, then Alice… Then maybe Magni, depends what else is an option by that point.


True. I mentioned her in ugliest heroes thread and called her a butterface. After that I was very, very sorry for a long time, afraid I’m never going to get her because I made her upset.


But what if you have you have maxed already Athena, Frida, Master Lepus and Ariel (I have the most important 4 star heroes maxed), we are dealing 8 star titan to 12 star titans (this is just titan management for POV) and I only have 9 scopes, who would you give them to?

  • Miki at 3/70
  • Aegir at 3/70
  • 1st Richard at 3/70
  • 1st Magni at 3/70
  • 2nd Ariel unleveled
  • Snow White
  • 1st Vela unleveled
  • 2nd Vela unleveled
  • 2nd Richard unleveled
  • 2nd Magni unleveled
  • Thorne unleveled

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You said titan. Therefore it has to be Miki IMO. Many will tell you that he functions perfectly well at 3.70, and he does, but at 12* he’d definitely be feeling the burn. He’s also a bit more usable in events and raids if maxed. I haven’t given mine any emblems though, he’s fine without.

Personally I’d be doing one of those Velas afterwards, but you do have decent options.

Edit: looked at the vote after I gave my opinion, and it seems the majority think Vela first. I wouldn’t argue with that as a choice.

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Vela is great, especially on a Telluria defence…

I’ve thrown my vote somewhat in protest and somewhat in “what I’d do”.

You’ve got great depth and versatility there already so you can afford a niche/luxury hero - Snowy gives you dispel AND cleanse and deals huge AoE to go with it.
She’s a slow yes, but depending on what buffs are on the field she can be (by a significant margin) the highest overall damage dealer in town - you’ve also got Ariel to help her along which helps make her case.

Vela is the logical answer first, but I’d really consider Snowy too (or immediately after)


Thank you for your contributions, @Gorann and @BubblesUK, and the rest who have taken their time to vote. I appreciate all your inputs.

@Aunty sorry for crashing your thread, but I felt we have a similar issue.

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I have been contemplating on Snow White. My experience attacking Telly tanks flanked by Vela or any other 5 star blues is that I bring Mitsukp to counter them effectively. SW would not face Mitsuko’s repel since she removes all status effects before dealing damage

I love Snow White, she is one of my favroites. I usually only need to fire her once, any you definitely have to pick your moments, but when there are tons of buffs on the board, she can sometimes oneshot an entire team. I love going mono blue against Aegir tanks with her.

IF she’s ready to fire… Yes - take one or two DoT effects, mana slow, HoT and it should be a beefy hit on those Telluria teams… As long as you can keep her alive to fire!

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