Fighter Emblems Dilemma - Poseidon or Magni

I was lucky to get Magni’s costume and with +9 emblems, his stats have become fantastic. So I changed my defense from

Gravemaker Guinevere Telluria Vela Seshat


Magni Gravemaker Telluria Vela Seshat

Today, I got the final poison darts to finally ascend Poseidon. Do I move the fighter emblems from Magni to Poseidon to have a Rainbow defense as follows:

Poseidon Gravemaker Telluria Vela Seshat

What are your thoughts?


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Because u got c-magni. If i were u i’ll keep magni emblemed as he can be versatile between costumed or non costumed.
C magni can be really helpfull on debuff defense on 3, thus make ur way killing enemies faster.

My defence now is: White Rabbit (+10) - Kageburado (+12) - Queen of Hearts (+10) - Vela - Kadilen (+10). I pulled costumed Magni and wonder if emblemed c. Magni is better than Vela without emblems. I would be able to make him +10. In my opinion it is a no brainer swap but want to hear what you guys think.

Yeah i think it’s better, and Vela really isn’t that scary if you don’t use a green tank, because you don’t want to stack red against the tank then.

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