Magic Night 🌚

What a hoot playing the new special stage, magic night!

I went with Wu and Kiril to buff that low attack and a clutch of snipers to deal rapid fire shots.

And very interesting that the Pteranodon stops specials. Clever twist SG, is M Night Shamalyan working with you now :thinking:

How did everyone else find it?

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Even if iot took a bit longer to take enemy down…i loved to fire my specials like a maschine gun!

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Bonus effect not noted in the Magic Night description is any enemy attack removes all buffs. Don’t bother taking your buffing heroes. Snipers, shotguns and healers are how I walked through.

Correction: Buffs only last 1 turn regardless of enemy attacks.

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Bench Wu :frowning:
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I got Khagan and Delilah in. Even more fast mana and a Special that cannot be buffed! hehehe

I actually prefer playing like this! It forced me to reconsider my tactics instead of using the same old tired attack teams and routines. I found the first magic night level easy but I look forward to really being taxed by later ones!

(I know I’m a bit late to this but I’m being good and not starting a new thread when a similar one exists!)

I brought delilah with me and always had 2 or 3 minions at every wave in every stage the rest i got 3 snipers + GM
Loved these levels

I dont know about now but when i played them the minions had normal attacks they weren’t affected by attack down