(Video) Strategy: Wu-Kong's Gambler's Stance w/ AOE Special Moves



I decided to see how Wu would do with multiple AOE special moves being executed… and I wasn’t disappointed.

Link to article: http://7ddgaming.com/2018/01/28/using-wu-kongs-gamblers-stance-aoe-attacks/


I’ll definitely subscribe bro, I been watching your vid for awhile anyway, for some dumb reason just never did lol :rofl:


Thank you very much @Basilisk :slight_smile:


Done and done! :wink:
It’s the very least I can do, I’ve learned a ton from you and it’s greatly appreciated.
(And ouch on the 10 pull, it’s definitely frustrating to drop that many gems. I’ve done it once myself.) :nauseated_face:


This is a great idea. And if you could pair the slow mana heroes with the troops that accelerate mana recovery it would be even better.


The mana troops need to be extreme,y high level for them to have a functional effect on offense. They do more on defense or when paired with one of the mana regen specials (Alberich, Lancelot, Khagan).


Lots of ham would definitely be involved!


Good stuff…What youtube did was not cool. But at the same time. If you’re not hitting their current thresholds. You wouldn’t really make any money anyway. You don’t get paid until 100$ and if you’re not hitting the new targets…you’re not gonna hit that 100$ threshold any time soon anyway.

I get between 100k and 150k views per month. And 1 million minutes spent watching my crap…It’s disheartening to know that am I gonna be under their future caps?


Strange that this was hidden when it addresses something brought up in the op’s video.


That was in error Scooby, please forgive me. :slight_smile:


No worries. Thought it was odd…yea it wasn’t about the game. But it had to do with what was mentioned in the vid


Great stuff as usual . Love your vids and I learn a lot from them . Thank you so much​:grinning::hugs::sunglasses::kissing_heart:


Thanks for the nice comments!