LV 73 seasoned player looking for a new home

Hey all, I just realized I have a different approach from the majority of my alliance. While I’m trying to do my best in all the aspects of the game, others are more “relaxed” and doesn’t care of the outcomes of war attacks, titans, etc. Other than this, I’m tired of giving advices on how to attack in war, and then loosing because I’m ignored.
So I’m thinking to leave and find a new home.

Here’s what can I offer:

  • Daily hits on titan and all war flags used if opted in (but this should’t even be told)
  • Average 200k on 14* titans
  • Up to 4700 TP defense (depends on heroes)
  • 24 maxed 5* heroes, and I’ve mats to ascend other 10 (but not willing to, they’re mostly vanilla)
  • 11 4* heroes with +20 emblems, with Jackal and Sergei limit broken
  • lv 23 rainbow troops, and at least 5 unleveled mana troops in each color except blue, wich I’ve 4
  • I play almost exclusively mono except on VF wars and tourneys, but I’m flexible to change if needed
  • I also love in-depth and statistical analysis, sharing datas with other stats-nerds, and can give advice to others if needed

In order to make everything smooth, here’s what I’d like to have from the alliance

  • A group of people where everyone’s going in the same direction. it’s a game and not a full time job, but imho there’s no point in playing badly
  • English speaking
  • Only hitting 14* titans, or missing maximum one titan in a week.
  • I can adapt to almost every war strategy, but some days I can’t log in in a given hour, example usually I attack on sunday morning UTC. Also, I’ll hit the titan as I log in, but I won’t set an alarm in the middle of the night :slightly_smiling_face:
  • I’m vc2p, and I don’t want to be forced to buy offers for the sake of competition (maybe an exception can be the “share gems” offer, wich is worth for the whole alliance)

Feel free to reply if you think I can be a good member for your alliance. Thanks, happy gaming


I know you’ll be inundated with offers - daily active players are always in demand. The other alliances I can think of are full atm.
Good luck in your journey.

@Timber @ Armour of God
@Mistress_of_Shadows I’m sure the shop family might have an option for you


(About to throw hat in ring. Reads requirements. Puts hat back on.)

Good luck in your search.


Check out equator alliances may like what you find

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Please check out Seven Days Uprising. You met the requirements.
We kill 14* titans regularly.

Contact our recruiter Notorious on line
His Id is notorious80.

Hope to see you soon
Good luck

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Rising Dawn is an international alliance, speaking English with clear rules.
We are currently

  • killing 11 stars titans,
  • looking for players with at least one 4400 TP team
  • we ask that you use all war flags and hit titans for at least 50K
  • Life happens, and being absent for a couple days/week is ok as long as you communicate and opt out of wars

We have many veterans with deep knowledge of the game and very generous with advice and help.

Hit the Rising Dawn Discord Welcome Channel if you are interested or join us directly in the game

Hiya! you may be on the low side for most of our “main” alliances but if you’re interested in potentially joining the 7Days family let me know :slight_smile:

Summary of 7D Alliances:

Our Discord: Seven Days Gaming

Our Forum thread: Join the Seven Days Family (Departed, Ascended, Hunting, Condemned, Reborn, Emerged & Uprising!)

Main Recruiter: @littleKAF


Thanks, I didn’t expected those offers :grinning: btw I’m not in a rush, as I said I want to step out of something I don’t like, I can wait.

@Guvnor @Gimliv I’m interested, wich one of you should I contact? Or maybe I should ask @littleKAF ?
In case here’s my line id: kalgaath

Thanks all


Contact notorious80 on line to apply to 7DU, if you want to check out another 7 Days alliance contact littlekaf or guv.
You wil be recommended to the alliance which best fit your roster anyway.

Happy gaming

Hi there. I’ll send you a line contact just in case to make the search easier.

Ty @Sarah2 yes absolutely The main shop One Stop Titan Shop would be more than happy to speak to @Kalgaath we are currently celebrating our 4 year anniversary so we are all drunk and happy :laughing: reach out to mama. .bear on line (2 dots) :kiss:

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Can i just say its refreahing to see a top 100 with more relaxed troop/hero requirements, and a bigger focus on the individual player fit and abilities

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Check my alliance on Discord, we are extreme retirement home. We are a fun to play alliance with both experiences and newer players. Our players are from around the world so setting a time for events doesn’t work. Using all flags for war is a must. Participation in titan is your choice. My discord handle is puzzel master #1307. Our leader is Water Dog . Check us out.

The family clan [TFC] TOP 200

We chat via Line but not like we have to… so feel free to come and check us! We really need some good players and you are it seems​:relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

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