Veteran player looking for new alliance

Been playing over 4 years, currently ftp but have a decent roster. Right now going through some health issues so I occasionally opt out of war. Have been leader of alliance before but now just looking for relaxed alliance that hits titans above 11*. Last alliance was stringing 14* but it was mainly 3 or 4 hitting for huge scores with rest pulling about 100k so I’m fine with 11,12 or whatever.

I am also in beta if that matters and have been for a few years now.

Have every s1 hero plus dupes. Frigg, Krampus, G. Panther w costume, Glenda, Mitsuko are some of my 5s with some other hotms. Usually daily login but with some health issues I may opt out of war. Otherwise I hit titans, etc. I’m in east coast US timewise for titans or whatever.

I have line too if needed. Look forward to hearing from you.


Hello Obsidian. We have a number of alliances that could be a very good fit for what you’re looking for in the Titans Family.

Each alliance is different, but we all communicate through line. If a person decides to try a different style of play, they can swap to another alliance and maybe have already developed some friendships (we don’t recruit from each other). You can contact dreamscapeadventure thru Line, or try one of the alliances listed.

Here is a graphic showing the TFG alliances:

Hello Obsidian im not sure if our group meets your needs but it sounds like your a perfect fit for our needs please have a look at our alliance recruitment page Scylla & Charybdis Alliance Recruitment
or find us in game hope to see you soon

May be Gate to Valhalla is the best place for you :blush: tagging our gate leader Liam here :blush: @Liam_K

Hi there. A World of 《Pain》is open to anyone. If you are interested, let me know. Whichever alliance you decide to go with, best of luck.

I’m so sorry to hear about you having to step away from your home alliance. :disappointed_relieved: TBD Part Deux ticks all those boxes. @Macaque1902 @JaR82

GL in your search and in RL.


@Obsidian I hear your struggle and I understand it, stay strong my friend. I figured I might as well throw my hat in the ring also. You are welcome to try joining my fukwits at one stop Titan shop we are a semi-retirement but still breathing house of almost 5 years. We string 14s some opt-in War some don’t it’s more of a social club now when u get the main stuff done LOL nobody jumps on anyone for events play your game your way just hit the Titan and if you are in war use your flags.

Wherever u choose… Good luck and be well.

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Hello @Obsidian ! Chiming in from 541-Titan Slayers [TFG].

Not sure how relaxed of an alliance you are looking for, but we may be a good fit.

We normally hit 12/13* titans (a bit lower at the moment just to get a strong start for POV but we should be back to those rather quickly).

We generally take it easy on Alliance Quest and Mythic titan since the loot does not necessarily justify the effort.

As for war, we do expect all flags to be used if opted in, but have no problem with people opting out whenever needed. Our strategy is limited to coordinating tank colors and we rotate every war cycle (10 wars starting with rush) to keep things from getting stale with just purple tanks.

For titans, we also post the C and B cutoffs for titans we are hitting to make things easier for our members.

Not sure if it affects your choice, but I am also in beta and having a different perspectice from my own on what is coming is cetainly a plus in my book.

If you are interested and/or want to know more, feel free to reach out to me via line (igh13).

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Hi Obsidian,

As @Sarah2 says (thanks for the tag, Sarah!) - we sound like we might be a great match. We’ve always been chilled with a nice smattering of competitiveness, but recently the chilled but has come to the fore as members have retired or moves on to try themselves on new things. We’re about 20 at the moment, hitting 11/12* titans and just generally being a nice place to be in the E&P journey. We all know what we’re doing but equally willing to chew the fat. Pop by and see what you think.


Hope you get well real soon.
Good luck in your alliance search. There is one out there with your name on it.
Take care

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Hello. You have quite a few nice offers here and I would like to add to the list of choices… we are Dragon Cohort TMA… opting out of war is no problem…titans are average 10-12* no minimum required and everyone hits…no stress or spreadsheets but we do coordinate tanks/flanks. Line is available but not mandatory…if this sounds like something you’d be interested in just knock and we’ll let you in…
Good luck wherever you play


Hey. I’m sure you’ll find a great home. But wanted to offer you a spot at Test Your Might.
We are fighting 14s. However we do have a Cap hit allowance. So no one overhits, and everyone gets a chance for B loot.

Some free 2 play players here too. We are a top 50 alliance.
We love to be competitive. But also have fun.

Thank you all for the replies, I’ll take some time to look in more detail. One thing I think was a problem in last group was many were in Australia and I’m in east coast US so titans would be dead before I got on etc. Great group of people and was surprised to see my kick as there was no warning and I told them I’d be on less. Anyhow looks like a great bunch to choose from and once I choose I’ll repost back here not to leave others hanging. Thanks again…


Hi @Obsidian. Sorry to hear about your health issues. TBD: Part Deux meets your requirements if you’re still looking for a new home. We’re really accommodating but still competitive. We have a few members balancing health issues etc with game play. We’re friendly and welcoming, experienced group of players who like the fun without the grind! No drama, FFA wars when you are opted in, no flags left, 12* titans and we try to wait for everyone to get a chance to hit. Everyone deserves a share of the loot! We’re happy to host you so you can get a feel for us if you’re interested. Pop by in game and quote the forum, or feel free to message me on discord @ Macaque1902#2219

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hi @Obsidian, first of alli hope you get better soon. take some time to rest and take good care of yourself. eat your meals and take your meds on time and hopefully things will look up0

my alliance is part of a family: Ascendant Family
we have multiple alliances for different level players or different types of players, ranging from casual to strict:

  • Ascendant Universe
  • Ascendant Rising
  • Ascendant Immortals
  • Ascendant Blinks (my home)
  • Ascendant Slayers
  • Ascendant Super Squad
  • Ascendant Cookies Horde

if you are interested in a merger, you can reach out to our recruiters and they will help you out:

  • Maniac’s line ID: maniac58330
  • Diovany’s line ID: the_recruiter

Feel free to check us out at Insurrectionists. We are a very laid back group, titans and wars are optional (if opted into war full flag use is expected), only one rule - don’t be a douche. Killing all 12* titans and (mostly) passing on 13*. Most of the alliance is opted into war and we run purple tanks with a FFA strategy, leaving cleans for our smaller accounts.

Great mix of p2p, cheap to play, and free to play with a wide variety of player experience. We also have an optional discord and several other alliances in the family that offer an opportunity to move up if you find yourself wanting to be more competitive.

Alliance is set to open if you would like to stop by for a Titan or a war or just to chat. Best of luck in your search!

Wherever you go, I hope your health improves like a limitbreaker =)

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Obsidian,check us out
Crew Knights
We are killing 13*-14* with 22

Hi Obsidian! Check out Shadow Elysium which should be a perfect fit for you! We have many good players but we are still casual and relaxed and have a good understanding that real life issues are more important than the game. No problem to opt out occasionally in war, many of us do that from time to time. We are international, but a majority is from North America. We were recently a top 1000 alliance killing 14* titans, but then a large group of our members wanted to test even better (and more serious) alliances. Also, we have a few “wanderers” currently visiting other alliances. So now we are recruiting again! Make a join request and see what you think!

I can’t offer an alliance but I hope you get better soon