Looking for a strong Alliance to call home (update: no longer searching)

Hi everyone!

I’d like to be a part of an Alliance that

  • takes down all 10* titans they come across and hopefully a few 11*-s as well;
  • has an established war strategy with a better than 50% winning record in the past few wars

About me: I started playing little over a year ago, was free-to-play for a long time and slowly transitioned over to pay-to-win (though not at a whale-level). I’m active daily and would like to grow further. I’m usually around 2500 cups, the one time I tried to push for top I managed to get to 2929 which was top5 at that time. I can be on Line if needed but generally would prefer not to.

What I can offer for titans:

  • I have Miki (4/76) and Ranvir (maxed). My highest damage so far was 79k on a 10*
  • I can consistently get at least B ranking on non-rare 10*-s. I don’t have a lot of experience against 11*-s but with some effort and item usage (with Lodge at lvl 6) I can probably do well there as well.

What I can offer in war:

  • I don’t have 6 fully formed, synergistic teams
  • I have only 7 maxed 5*-s with another 3 on the final stretch, got the materials for 3 more and a few are waiting in the back.
  • They are supported by a wide variety of 4*-s, a few of them (mostly healers) with 18 talent levels.
  • This allows me to put together 5 strong teams in war that can be tailored against most defenses. In today’s war I managed to do 5 one-shots plus a clean-up.

For full disclosure:
I only play at home, never at work. I always use all my flags but this means that depending on war-start or titan spawn-time in extreme cases I won’t be able to use them in the first 9-10 hours of the war/titan.

If you think I would be a good fit for your alliance (or have any questions) please reply below.


You’ll be inundated with offers - daily regular players are gold!
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Hey there! I’m sure we can find a place somewhere in Crew where you can grow. I look forward to chatting with you. :slight_smile:


You know me too well. :blush:


Contacted you on Line.

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Hey Thunder Storm is recruiting we are exactly what you are looking for. We range from top players in the game to newer players who are growing …10 and 11* titans. My line is leshukc or just join us at Thunder Storm.

Thank you, there’s a couple of hours left on our current titan, I’ll decide tomorrow where to go. Your alliance looks promising.

Sounds good look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

Hi Sabrar,
We’re on 9* titans, with some 10’s. We win 70-75% of our wars, and all our players are active. It’s an international alliance, so we’re used to people missing the first 9-10 hours of titans/wars. We’d love to have you if you think you’re a fit :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the kind offer but as indicated I would prefer not to fight 9* titans. I’d like to grow and hit 11*-s instead.

I understand, and best wishes in your search!

Hello @Sabrar,

Your profile is quite impressive. We would love to have you in our alliance if you would like. Do check us out. We don’t use Line, but do have a Discord group. We follow a set war strategy with more than 50% win rate. Currently, we hit max 10 star titans, but with your help we might be abke to hit stronger ones. Anyway, do check us out. :slight_smile:


Hello @Sabrar ,
Our alliance (Guardians Reborn) is currently dominating 10* and doing okay on 11* with 21 members. A few have had real life obligations and others have just played less recently or have been traveling around to visit friends in the game. One or two will come back by month’s end and I’m sure you’d be a great addition to get us back up a notch on the titan ladder.

For war, we have a set of guidelines more than stringent rules so that we maximize our teams’ availability due to real life. Though, we like to have fun with the defenses and change them as a group quite frequently (helps you think about your roster, believe me :stuck_out_tongue: ).

If you’re interested, contact me on Line or Discord and we can chat some more :slight_smile:
Line: utenablackrose
Discord: Kikyo#2297

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give us a look mate. Fighting 10-11* titans, 10-0 in war. Hit me up on discord lurking#5445 or line I’d: daddy_lurk

Join us.

Hi Sabre’s The Ironclad is a strong alliance hitting 10-11* titans and almost everyone participates in war. Check us out, your wants sound like a great fit. Below is our main advertisement with info about us

Hi, @Sabrar, please consider The Padawans

We’re still hitting some 9* titans at the moment but increasingly hitting only 10*, we’ve also hit 11*. With your help, I think we could consistently take down 10* and keep growing. Our main problem is with blue titans (and tanks), so if you have good green heroes, that would be a great help.

Hi Sabrar,
We smash most 10* & 50% 11* Titan, growing from 7* till now, would be great to hv you grow together :slight_smile:
Line me : fnk111

Thank you for all the invitations, it will be hard to choose.


You should check out The Ironclad, part of the Black Pearl Armada, a group of 6 ship themed alliances

[Avast thar ye scoundrel! It’s 100% Alliance War flags use aboard THE IRONCLAD! Arrgh]