Thinking of changing alliance

Hey all,

Have been with my alliance from day 1 ( 10 months ago ), but contemplating of making a change from December to a top 100 alliance.
For context we have been around #200-300 with a full alliance.

Looking for in my new potential alliance :

  • 30 strong players - highly competitive while understanding this is a game and not real life - no drama, can’t stand it.
  • Almost no titan hits ( real life is more important ) are missed and all are contributing significantly to titans
  • War strategy, good win track record and no hits unused
  • Learn something new from teammates

What I can bring :

  • 15 5* maxed, 25 4* maxed and have quite a few projects on 5* but no mats - difficult when 80 titans in a row and 15 tian chests without a 4* mat :slight_smile: . Have all 4* heroes at 1/1 with some having multiples like Rigard.
  • Am around 2550-2600 cups overnight on raid.
  • Can put various war defenses around 4350+ and working on my troops now, so expect by end of year be around 4400. Depending on tank colours - can put purple Ursena + 11, red Black Knight + 11, yellow Guin without emblems but can move from Hel to her at +10/11.
  • We hit 11-12* titans and am A+ or A most of the time when not recharging and in need of resources for buildings and challenge events.
  • Can use whatever chat apps for coordination required - not obligatory the alliance to be very chatty.

Can send pictures at some point if there is interest and an initial match of my interests.



If you have line texas1970.

If you have line, my id is jrigs

Chaining 14s, won 8 out of the last 10 wars, constantly looking for ways to improve. Had 2 peeps dip out due to real life

Search Crew-Saders in game to see more…

if you speak german contact me
line: htower1203
Alliance: “Die Dunkelelfen”

If you are interested, the We Are Groot family of alliances have a wide range of options all depending on what you want and need…

Range from top 100 alliance down to causal country club vacation living.

My Line ID is Guvnor81 if you want to chat

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Checked you quickly. Suppose vol.1 can be interesting and a point of discussion. Will find you in line - borat19

Nope, regretfully not speaking german

Heard of you, plus “know” you from the forum … am heavy reader as had a lot to catch up when started - will drop you a line as well - borat19 in line


Will connect. Which alliance you are in?

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Arcane Asylum. Sorry. Try @nudvana for line

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“Heard of you” …sounds ominous.

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not at all :slight_smile:

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