Lucky summons = need help with raid defense again

Hey guys, since I got lucky with my 10 pulls last month and also just got Finley from pirates summons I need help with my raid defense please.

Current set up and roster:

What should my ideal defense look like? What hero should I try to get next to improve my defense / roster in general? Was thinking about pulling again in may (GM, Kage in AR and the hotm look promising)

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May it’s going to be a very BOOM-BOOM month for sure! :sweat_smile:
In the meantime, I would try with this Team: SESHAT - FINLEY - TELLY- VELA - MARJANA; I’m also intrigued by an Ariel/Telly/Vela synergy.

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Finley - Ursena - Guinevere - Marjana - Telluria

And hope to get Gravemaker to replace Marjana.


thank you for your feedback! If i was going to use both Finley and Seashat in my defense, who would get the emblems?

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