Help picking my best heroes for raid defense team

Hi all,

Like the million other threads, I’m looking for assistance building my raid defense team.

My current team (from left-to-right):

Lianna, Domitia, Poseidon, Ariel, Red Hood. Doesn’t seem to be working as well as I thought. Can’t even stay above 2300 trophies.

Hero roster:

Maxed 5* Heroes

The rest

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Lianna domitia delilah magni red hood probably how I’d roll

Could also go:

Poseidon domitia ariel azlar lianna

Few other choices too if you dont like those


Fast hitting defense:

Ariel - Poseidon - Magni - Joon - Lianna

Steady type:

Domitia - Delilah - Ariel - Lianna - Azlar

My type:

Red - Magni - Domitia - Joon - Lianna (emblem Domitia though)


Having some good luck so far with the steady type layout. Woke up still above 2500! I’ll experiment with the other two and let you know.


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