Lost on emblems

Dumb question probably, but I just joined. What are emblems and how do I use them? Can someone at least point me where to find out? I looked in Coppersky’s but it doesn’t really cover them.

Emblems are divided into 10 class and you can use them to empower a hero who already reached his last ascension’s higher level. By spending emblems, iron and food you can unlock a talents’ path, empowering your hero.

You can also take a look here: Master List of E&P Links


So they have to be levelled up to their max for that ascension before I can use them, correct?

Yes, for example you would be able to empower a rare hero when he would be lv 50.


Their special also needs to be maxed at 8/8. Once the hero is maxed for both levels and special you get an option for talent grid where you can use the emblems.

The good thing is that if the level is maxed but not the special then feeding a hero to itself gives 100% chance to increase the special. I’ve only had to do that with 3* though, usually with 4* and especially with 5* the special is maxed before the levels.


Thanks for the heads up!

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Thanks for clarifying that. It helps immensely!


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