How do I use emblems?

I seem to have amassed some emblems. How do I use them?

They can only be added to heroes who’s level and special skill is entirely at maximum.

For instance, my Vivica is at 4th ascension, level 80.
And her special skill is 8/8.

I can then press the talent button at the bottom of the card, which brings up the talent screen.

Tapping on a node will tell you how many emblems are needed and what the effect will be.

Note that there’s also a food and iron cost.

Here’s a 3* version, just to compare the different required resources:

You can only choose one path, so think carefully.

Emblems can be reset with a reset token or a gem cost


Thank you. I wish that tapping an emblem in the inventory would say the bit about maxed out heroes in the tooltip!


I think just about all of has wished at some stage that SG would provide even the most basic information about anything. But before you start, you could check out It is not a very intuitive website but once you have joined you can access a thing called guildware which has an emblem tool which allows you to see what benefit you get from embleming up/ following a path for any hero. It is really worthwhile. Some heroes are also not worth wasting emblems on too so it is really worthwhile doing some homework before you start. Resetting without an emblem token costs 5% of your tokens too and embleming up takes a huge amount of food and iron, so it probably worth getting right the first time. If you are ever uncertain, just ask.

Good luck.

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@Razor created a great resource to help with decision making What-if analysis made easy - talent tree / classing (Class Node BOM(b)) - #7 by Razor


As a real quick overview - there are two things that are top of mind for me with emblems:

  1. which path to take
  2. how far to go

For which path to take - in general:

  • Attack heroes (any hero where the primary purpose is enemy damage - these are often snipers) → prioritize attack, then defense, then health
  • Support heroes (basically, anyone else - but these are heroes like healers, or heroes where their special dramatically improves the rest of your team - like wu kong, or gunnar) → prioritize defense, then health, then attack

For how far to go:

  • This depends on the hero and their talent - but in general, until you get to level 7, you’re probably safe adding more to the hero. After that, it starts to vary based on your hero and your overall team.
  • Also - anything <20 emblems on a hero can be reset with 0 emblem costs - so I think level 1 for 3 stars can always be reset for “free”)

Hope that helps!

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