Special skills and how to use emblems

I have my heroe Level 8/8 but still no special skill added… should I buy it or exchange something for it? Thank you!:roll_eyes:

which hero? what class? …

If you are at maximum level (3/50 for 3*, 4/70 for 4*, 5/80 for 5*) AND have the special at 8/8, you can click on “Talent Grid” to add emblems.

Hikaru a Rogue class

I can see only Level Up and Ascend…where is that please?

It is probably not useful in the long run to put emblems on a 1* hero. I would wait at least to the 3* heroes before using them, possibly even the 4*s.

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you only can place emblems after hero is COMPLETELY maxed. not just the special. you still have to level up.

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You have to “Ascend” to the second tier. I assume your character is tier 1, level 10. You need to ascend him, then he will be on tier two. Then you will have to continue leveling him. A 1* hero is “finished” at tier two, level 20. Then you could (theoretically) put emblems on him.

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Yeah,sorry guys, confused a bit.
I have heroes that had max level ,but level of skills only 6/8…what should I do with them? Bin them?..

If the skill is at 6/8, you can feed the hero 1 and 2 star heroes (preferably of the same color) to max the special.

Again, you will outgrow small heroes like Hikaru fairly quickly. Get him to maximum to support you until you can get someone better. Try to get a complete set of 3* heroes in all five colors (you already have Bane, who is great!), then you can start branching out into 4* heroes. Once you have 2-3 4s of each color, you can consider leveling a 5.

Try to level everything you have completely, not leaving them hanging somewhere in the middle. But emblems should be saved for heroes that you are planning to use for a long time, because they are fairly scarce!

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A long time ago I got rid of Bane…I would have him now high lvl ,but instead I have 5* and 4* and very low lvl…no idea how to feed them right …it looks like need very big effort to be able to get them at least ascended. Fairly scarce??..sorry ,my English is not as good, it’s my third language.

Thank you guys for investing your time in me. I have no idea how to thank you back,but if there be any time and if I will be competent enough to give new starter advice,I will help them too.

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This is a good place to learn. Also join an alliance. I learned a lot from joining an alliance. Leveling up heroes takes time, patience, and materials.

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I am in one, but them are little online and not many…and not really communicative :roll_eyes:
Do I need to keep looking or just keep asking advice here? Is it gives you any extra if you in alliance? I think it’s pointless…only if you fight alliance war…I have weak heroes,so I had only 1 fight in a war ,not doing same again…:rofl:

Try and find a teaching alliance. There is a section in the forum under recruitment you will probably find one there. If not put a post in the forum asking to join a teaching alliance and you will get a few offers

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