3 star catch-up

So as I’ve mentioned a few times I created just one maxed 3 star team at the beginning of my game time and then moved onto the 4s. Now 2 and a bit years later I am going back and filling in the gaps.

I don’t intend on keeping a large number of 3s in each colour as will only use them in tournaments and events (except my costume Brienne who sees titans). Below is what I have now, some maxed some not but I won’t bore you with that.

Bjorn, Chochin, Guardian Bat, Tyrum (plus costume)

Kvasir, Bane (+cos), Pixie, Poppy, Candy, Arman

Grevle, Brienne(+cos), Ishtak(+cos), Gramps, Hisan, Mnessus, Berden (+cos), Belith (+cos)

Gato, Gunnar(+cos), Nordri, Chick Jr, Helo, Frosty

Nashgar, Vollermork, Rudolph, Squire Wabbit

I also have these costumes without the hero in case that changes suggestions…

I don’t think I want more than 8-10 in each colour. Enough to give me options but not taking up space.

Does anyone stand out as must add or just not worth it feed away?

You might consider adding c Hawkmoon, Sudri, c Renfeld, Gill-ra


Speaking from my own perspective and playstyle:

I prefer having at least 3 of each costumed S1 sniper. You have covered red, green and yellow, but I see you lack in blue (Valen) and purple (Balthazar). Of course, if you have a copy of another strong non-S1 sniper, you may consider 2-of the S1 sniper + the other one (for example, 2x cValen + Gato). These 3* snipers come in handy in various 3* tournaments’ attack team. However I prefer playing mono (since I don’t use emblems on my 3* in general).

I see you lack 3* heroes for Very Fast war. All of the good costumed S1 sorcerers, monks and druids should be considered at 20 emblems for that 4% mana node. For example - two copies of cUlmer, a cGunnar, a cHawkmoon, two copies of Jahangir with costume bonus, a cOberon and two cBalthazars should do the trick of assembling a strong attacking team in any possible situation - no matter which color will be banned for a Very Fast war, you will still be able to amass a strong attacking 3-2 rush tournament team that has all of his members’ fire in 6 tiles.


To be honest, I don’t use Guardian Bat, and for the others that you have costumes for but used the hero as food, I would keep:
Hawkmoon, Ulmer, Balthazar

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Quite a detailed response.

I have had a tendency to not keep dupes of really anything, favouring variety of skills and specials. The main dupes I’ve kept have been the likes of Rigards, Proteus, Mist etc to have extra war depth. With how limited I am going to keep my 3s in overall number would you see Balthazar (as an example) that much better that it is worth having 2/3 of him over the likes of one of him, a Gil-ra and a costume Renfeld? Typically in tournament attacks I go 3-1-1 which probably impacts who to keep also, For events and PVE though having some mono options will be useful (especially in blue)

Emblem wise I have plenty monk and barbarian to spare so those guys get emblems. Sorcerer, fighter, Wizard, less so as I keep them for 4s and 5s.

@JGE yeah I’ve not been impressed with the bat since I levelled him, more did it as he was an event 3 so thought might get more use, but I regret doing him instead of the Balthazar,

@egeovannyam Sudri is one who is on my list, my red depth at 3 really is the worst so him and hawkmoon really would help there. The problem is I find S3 so boring I can’t stand doing more than 1/2 levels of it so it’s slow building up the tokens for pulls in that one.

You could cut the more useless ones like Guardian Bat. Frankly I don’t like Bjorn or Chochin. Yes they are powerful but at least until now, fast snipers in attack almost always solved any fight for me reliably. I guess Bjorn, Guardian Bat and Chochin may look nice on the defense though. Still, seeing how offense gives way more points than defense in any tournament, I would prefer focusing on offensive types of heroes.

As for variety, it may seem cool on paper, however I found out that relying on strong multiple copies of the same hero often is the more reliable and winning strategy, especially on the offense.

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This is what I was thinking (minus gill ra). I fed away guardian bat and arman.

Costume hawkmoon and sudri are wonderful.


Imo Gill-ra can be good for very fast wars, lowering all enemies defense and attack plus cleaning your heroes can be very beneficial

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@Saros Thanks I guess this is where playstyle comes into it. I’ve never really been huge sniper heavy in my teams. I tend to be slower battles and more plodding along, which is where I use old lampshade head (my first maxed purple 3 2 years back) for the mana slow while I get things going. However you have convinced me that an extra Balthazar may be useful in the purple he does seem a huge damage dealer for a 3.

@Ruskin505 yep consensus seems to be that bat really was the wrong decision, Arman I was convinced off the usefulness of keeping as I don’t have many hit all in 3 so he gives that extra option for me.

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I think her usefulness has fallen off as more three star heroes and costumes come out. Yes she is good for very fast war but I find her pretty replaceable and outclassed nowadays. I’ve been debating feeding mine away.

so in your opinion, who will be a good hero that will replace her?

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Well I only consider her useful in very fast tourney. Maybe you could tank her in a non Holy tourney.
But for Very Fast I’d rather tank Chochin or Bjorn. I’d even consider Gunnar. I emblem my threes so I won’t use an unemblemed three star. And I wouldn’t use emblems on Gill-Ra just for no Holy very fast tourneys.

Two 3 star no Holy Rush tourneys ago you see several gunnars in top 10

I agree, Gunner is a beast not only on tournaments but in events too.

lol on the link if you noticed you have 4 Gunners, 1 C Gunner and 7 Gill-ra.

If you like healers c.Friar Tuck is a mini Ariel – for those you have the costume but not the hero. I personally use him more than Belith.

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I use Grevle more than either. I’ve been debating feeding the others away.

I had been contemplating whether the addition of costume hawkmoon in red would make enough heal spread over the range between Candy, Helo, Frosty, Grevle and Belith already? Along with the minions from Kvasir and the rezzing of Gramps…

However due to a mixed stack play style I could make green the main support heroes as opposed to the main stack. As he may be useful for the mana gen boost.

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