Looking for new Alliance

I’m a daily player. Power team is about 3200. Trophies around 1400.

Looking to play with a casual group that is hitting Titans around the 4* to 5* or higher.

Hi @Dengar88880 we are a bunch of mature, veteran players who started this new alliance - TED Xtreme.

Here is our alliance recruitment post - TED Xtreme - Brand new Alliance3

Feel free to drop in by our discord server - https://discord.gg/cUgw4aC or check us out in game.

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Your use of Discord is wise. I applaud you @ThunderStrikes :slight_smile:

(btw, it says your invite is expired on my end)

Thunderstrikes, my current Alliance is finishing up a Titan. After that, I will leave and come join your group.

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Thanks @Avicious, I see there is a typo

Here is the link

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Sounds good. We just wrapped up our titan as well.

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You all settled in @Dengar88880? If you are then I will close this thread.

Yes. Please close.

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player found an alliance

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