Looking for an alliance


Hello everyone! I’ve tried to find myself a home trough the game chat but that got to confusing for me, so here I am :slight_smile: So, I’m looking for an active, friendly, alliance , preferably one that kills titans every day. I play daily, my team power is 3105, and my cups are 1825 ( at least they were about 15 min ago, you never know :blush: ) I’ve never been in an alliance before so all titan killing stuff is new for me, but seems like fun. So, yeah…I dont know what else to say… happy gaming, thx for reading? :neutral_face:


We would love to welcome you to Veritas! We are killing 8 and 9* titans and are a friendly, laid back very helpful bunch :slight_smile: come on over and stay a while!


Sure. I would love too. I’ll send a request. The name is the same as here. Thank you! :slight_smile:


player accepted to new alliance.