3400 power player looking for a home


I’d like an alliance with an active chat channel, but I primarily want a home where whatever participation rules are set up are also enforced.

Update, 3400 power player still looking

Treadmill Heroes United are looking.

We need one more and our only rule is hitting daily. We take between7-9* and looking to build a strong team.



I hate to abandon my current alliance mid-titan (I’ve also used all of my available hits in any case). Would you mind waiting half a day to let this one wind up?

My current alliance isn’t a bad group, but they won’t move out the non-participants and it’s really holding them back.


When you’re Ready MK just look us up


Will do. Will post my player name here to give you a heads up to my request later today. Rather not ruffle feathers in my current group until we finish this titan.


That’s pretty much the story of many alliances. Start out as a mix of serious and casual players and then when you hit the 5*ish titan mark, it really stalls the alliance.

Same story when you have the bottom half to third of an alliance with no four stars and you get 7*-8* star titans.


Shadow Watchers has available spots as well. We have a great core group that are taking down 7* Titans. With a few more members we will be working on 8* again. We regulatory get visits from Shadow Warriors (top 5 alliance) who we are closely tied with. So come join us and get advice from some of the most experienced players :slight_smile:


You can find us easiest by searching Watchers


@TheBully. I’m going to have to pass it appears. As trophies have no meaning in the game, I dump them between missions and have a defensive team of lowbies. As such, I’m not close to your trophy minimum. =/


4 Elements of Life is looking. We are on 8* right now, but would currently classify us a 6/7* alliance. Would love another consistent titan killer to join. We’re an open alliance. Look us up if interested!


@mktelf If you haven’t found a home yet, you will really like “TED Xtreme”, we are a bunch of veteran and experienced players who started this alliance specifically to enforce some basic rules around Titan bashing. Feel free to check us out in-game or say hi to us on discord - https://discord.gg/cUgw4aC

Alliance recruitment post - TED Xtreme - Brand new Alliance


As trophies currently have any real meaning in the game, I regularly dump trophies. As such, I can’t join an alliance with a minimum trophy requirement. Thanks though.


Still need a place? Look me up on line app. Very chatty group. Line ID is pitguy. Names Roy. We can talk there.


Dslayer is looking. We’re hitting mostly sixes and the occasional seven right now. Hoping to get back, with a few more active owners, to taking down sevens and eights.

We’re a friendly alliance and are active on LINE — the group “Friends of Dslayer” there includes many of the most active folks on these boards.

Feel free to join. Just be sure to set your strongest team as your defensive one when you request to join so that we can see what you’re working with.


Mk we put 1000 req to get rid of the weak, when you’re in you and bounce with trophies. I do as do other to fill the chest.

Until Alliance wars then it may change.


Mktelf has currently joined Misfit Toys. (I will leave this thread open until it is requested closed.)


Look up house of pain. we have a spot open and youd fit right in. trophy requirement is not enforced but hitting the titan is. pop in say hello, we have a line chat aswell! :slight_smile: currently on 8*-9* titans


he he … Rook , you are taking all the good ones ! … anyway … if you wanna get rid of anyone in the future … send it our way !.. lol ( still have a lot of places to fill ! ) … good hunt !

ps: i guess that happen when the fame precede you ! ,:slight_smile: