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I need some advice on which heros to level and my raid defense alignment. When leveling, my priorities are titan, raid off, raid def, war. My current raid defense is: Zeline, Delilah, Grave, Alasie and Alby. I’ll list out my 4/5* roster by color and will use the following categories: maxed, current (the hero I’ve currently chosen to work on), in progress (made it past ascension level 1 but stopped), bench (1-1 unless otherwise noted). My biggest questions are blue and purple.

Red (14 blades, 11 rings) - Maxed: Gravemaker, Wilbur, G. Falcon, Boldtusk, Scarlett. Current: Zimkitha(1-18). In Progress - Natalya (3-62), Sir Lancelot (2-45). Bench - Azlar (1-48), Elena (1-10), Red Hood, G. Kong, Gormek, Sumitomo, Kelile, Colen

Blue (28 capes, 10 scopes) - Maxed: Alasie, Grimm, Kiril, Sonya. Current - Isarnia (3-58). In Progress - Boril (3-60), Triton (3-52). Bench - Perseus (1-19), Aegir, Rumpelstillskin, Richard, Agwe, Valeria.

Green (6 Shields, 3 tonics) - Maxed: Zeline, Alberich, Hansel, Melendor, Caedmon. Current - Lianna (3-15). In Progress - Peters (2-41). Bench - Kadilen, Horghall, Kashhrek, Gobbler, Gadeirus, Skittleskull, Little John.

Purple (27 Traps, 11 tabards) - Maxed: Sartana, Rigard, Sabina, Tiburtus. Current - Mok-Arr(3-57). In Progress - Aeron (2-49). Bench - Boss Wolf, Quintus, Merlin (1-37), Proteus (1-35), Cyprian, Ameonna, Gafar.

Yellow (32 orbs, 12 darts) - Maxed - Delilah, Wu Kong, Gretel, Chao. Current - Joon (3-64). In Progress - NONE. Bench - Justice, Vivica, Leonidas, Danzaburo, Li Xiu, Hu Tao.

Defense might improve if Aeron moves in at tank pushing GM to right flank with Alasie right wing. Alby goes to bench


first off, if you’re going to use Alby, he should be on the left wing. That said - and I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Bud here - you probably don’t need him on your defense.

I suspect Gravemaker needs the right flanks to be a viable tank. I’ve tried him without Zeline as a flanker (because I don’t have her), and i loose cups left and right. That’s just one woman’s experience, but I’ve heard this from others as well.

I’d try out a lineup of Alasie, Zeline, Delilah, GM, Sartana

I like Delilah as a tank - I think people generally underestimate her and don’t stack 3 purple’s against her, so she’ll most likely fire and get those minions running. Especially on a bad board. That gives everyone else’s specials more time to charge up.

You could certainly try swapping GM and Del and see how that goes as an alternative.

Looking at the roster, that line-up seems best. If Aegir gets a buff making him good enough to be a top tank, I think you would swap him in over Delilah and replace Alasie with Joon.

This would give direction for what order you level up your roster. Zim looks pretty HOTM and all but Joon has a greater chance of playing since GM is going to be hard to replace

Thanks, I’ll give that lineup a chance.

Should I level Aeron over Mok-Arr? I’ve got Wilbur maxed and I’m thinking he (Mok) could be good vs yellow titans.

Also, should I spend the scopes on Isarnia? It’s either her, Perseus or Aegir with my current heros.

Aeron is far more versatile than Mok. The only time you would want Mok is in a monochrome purple team.

Of your 3 blues, I would go with Isarnia first unless you don’t have a good tank. That’s where Aegir would fit best.

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Also agreed that It’s either Isarina or Aegir. Like I said, I think Del is a good tank, but try out the defense I suggested for a few days and see how it works for you.

So far, it’s working out fairly well. I’m maintaining a cup level in the high 2,500s with your defense.


Agreed to all but this part.
Aegir is a Fail tank. Not worth the scopes if its all about using him in def.

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I disagree. Aegir is a good tank. Not the best tank, that’s Guin. But most players dont have Guin, and aren’t able/willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get her. He will be a good solid tank up through around 2300 trophies. Since the OP has both Delilah and GM, Aegir becomes superfluous, which is why I recommended ascending Isarnia.

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