Looking for alliance


Currently 3067 with 1564 trophies. Hitting around 10-15k but I’m working on other characters to help with different titans. I’m very active and should always be able to hit every titan.


You are most welcome to join up with our Alliance. Name is “new battle” and have a few slots open.


Hey Rah, if you have not already joined an Alliance there is one spot that just opened in our Alliance. Name is Ishtar. We fight 5* - 6* Titans. Joining is by invite only, and you meet the minimum of 600 trophies. We are s fun group of players. I can keep an eye out for you to join.


Please let me know when you have found a home; I’ll close the thread then.

May you find what you seek quickly, and Merry Christmas! :blush:


You’re good to kill it, ty


Grats on finding an alliance so quickly! Here shut the gates: