Super Titan Warriors are recruiting (Good intermediate level Alliance) level 10+ titans

We are a fun bunch from around the globe. We have been consistent against level 10 Titans with an occasional 11 taken out as well. We dropped the Trophies count to 1600. You don’t have to be the strongest player just one that participates. Nothing kills an alliance faster than non-participation. We are also understanding if you have to miss something just give us a heads up. Have a group of friends? bring em! We are a nutty family that loves to grow together. Let’s smash some Titans together!

The alliance is now open so just join up!

OK. I’m interested. JCBick54.

come on over! just join, the alliance is open currently.

Still some space left. Come check us out.

You don’t have to be super strong just active. :slight_smile:

Only one spot left. :slight_smile:

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