Looking for a home...


Hello all…
I’m a level 25 player, team power 3320, 1804 trophies currently although it’s been as high as 2052.
I’m looking for an alliance that I can help out and hopefully get some higher level titans.
My current alliance is very casual and although that suits me in some ways, it’s frustrating now to be stuck on 4* and to see many of them escape because of lack of participation.
I’ll be honest up front and say that my private life doesn’t allow for me spending a ton of time chatting, so I would mainly be there to assist rather than to hang out and chat.
I always make my hits so am reliable but just don’t have the time to hang around chat rooms or chat apps.
Hopefully there’s an alliance out there that could use my help but also doesn’t require me to be chatting all the time.
Looking forward to hearing from someone!


You’re welcome to join us at “new battle” if you like. We’re a rather quiet bunch and could honestly use some help from a regular Titan hitter. We mostly fight 5* and deal with them pretty well, but need more attackers to graduate up to 6*.


sounds great… i’ll send a request now… thanks!


Congrats on your new home! :wink:


If it doesn’t work, Almighty Warriors wants daily hitters and will soon be back up to 7*+ on a regular basis. We’re chatty but happy with the occasional snarky comment as long as you hit every time