Looking for advice on 4* Rangers

OK, I now have enough Emblems to max out another 4* Ranger class.
I am limited to Chao (max level already), Triton, and Mireweave. Out of these, which is the better choice? I am partial to Mireweave, BUT, I am open to either of them. I already have Tiburtus and Buddy maxed out, so I don’t think I need another.

I hope this is of help
I get more out of Triton than the other two
Unless you have a costume for Chao


I have Triton+18 and he hits very hard, he is worth giving emblems

Mireweave and Chao are meh, maybe ok with emblems but I would emblem them only if I wouldn’t have anything better


No, I don’t. Thanks.

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