Chao vs tibs. Fighting for emblems

Hello guys ! Im very Happy with my new additions. I was able to pull finally wu Kong . My only yellow are Hu tao and li xiu so i will max the gambling monkey ASAP

The thing is that i pulled chao too at the same time .
I really like chao , more than Hu tao or li. But only once he get some emblems 10+

The fight would be between tibs and chao for emblems .

My purples seem to be stronger than my yellow

Yellow : Hu tao and li xiu ( joon at 3/10 i dont have darts) .
Wu Kong on the road and chao

Purples : Proteus maxed , Rigard and Sabina maxed . Tibs at 3/60.

So i think It would be a good idea to build a Sniper on chao but idk.

I have Grimm maxed +9
I have gormek maxed

So tibs could be a little redundant

Tibs and Li before Chao.

Check out costume event. Tibs dresses up nice

Li is maxed friend and +9.
Maxed are
Hu tao and li with costume and +9.
Thats why i need a good Sniper after finishing wu kong. I saw a chao with 700+ in atk with emblems

I’d lean more towards Tibs since you don’t have any purple hitters. Personally I gave the bulk of my ranger emblems to Triton, but threw a couple on Tibs as well.

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I have triton . So many rangers on the other hand not too many emblems. Should i divide them into chao too to reach last lvl of the trial? I mean this way i Will have better Rainbow team to win it

Both will be good addition for titan hits,I’m more into spreading my emblems around on selected 4* and take them to +7 and leave it at that.
Because I may want to keep some on them in the future without having to full reset. You can always add more in the future if you depends your game style.
But if your only gonna do 1 I’d prob pick Chao.

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Im considering now divide emblems maybe up to +7 each. Its better this way for trials i think

Iv used many 4* in legendary and been able to complete with 4* at +7
Just used gadeirus BT proteus in avolon all +7 :+1:

I mean trials , like Ranger trial , sorcerer etc…
Its better three Rangers at +7 than one +14 or +20
This way you get the initial emblems investment back

It all depends on your game style as for rouge padalin sourcer Iv only got one emblemed Hero of each class.
If you have maxed heros with a few on them it can balance it out with who else you got on your team.

If you got Tibs’ costume, then I would go with Tibs. If not then split the emblems between Chao and Tibs. That is what I am doing on my main atm. If I split them, I at least take the hero to +15 because that is when the class skill maxes out. And I want to have my frequently used heroes to have their appropriate skill maxed out.


Sorry i disturb you. Can you close the topic ? I emblemed my tiburtus with costume so this thread is very old i dont know why minky revives this


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