4* Ranger Emblem Question

140 Archer Emblems available.(and 300 more if I reset Buddy, who is no longer on my defense teams)

I have Chao on both my war Defense and Team Defense (as Right Wing-Sniper).

I also have Tiburtus as Team Defense for his Defense down. He isn’t on the war team as my Alliance tanks purple, and Rigard is a better fit there based on my roster.

If I go with 140, Should I put them all on Chao (as he is being used in more spots), or split them between the two?

Or should I reset Buddy, focus on Chao (to +19/20, and put the leftover (if any)
on Tiburtus?

I couldn’t imagine removing them from Buddy and giving them to chao. Buddy is and will always be useful. I understand the Defense aspect but as you grow Chao will be rarely used, buddy is a 4 star stud.

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Don’t reset Buddy. Give emblems to Chao as he is in your war team. At some point of the game you will remove emblems from Chao but Buddy will keep them longer for sure.

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Arguments for splitting emblems between Chao and Tibs (instead of dumping them mostly on Chao):

  1. Tiburtus (Tibs) has a couple of advantages over Chao in defense: Tibs hits three, which is very important as you have no control over the AI targeting while on defense. This makes the defense debuff even deadlier

  2. Do you already have Tibs’ costume? The costume bonus compounds the stat bonuses from the emblems, giving you a slightly better return than normal

  3. Where in your defense is Tibs? if he’s flank instead of wing, that increases the argument for toughening him up. granted, he’s only in your normal Raid defense and not War, unlike Chao. But then, Chao is relatively safe in the Right Wing

*all advice given comes with the regular disclaimers, summarized by voidstrike :wink:


Just another consideration, do you stack colors against titans? Eventually you may, so having Tiburtus as the defense down on a purple stack against yellow titans is pretty useful, and that need will likely never go away.

However, from personal use, I use Chao more on raids due to my shortage of good yellows, and a mana cut is always useful (against titans as well).

So, I would go with Chao in your situation (using him in your defense teams). Don’t reset Buddy, as you can use him for defense down.

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Just going to say a group “Thank you all!” for the thoughts/responses so far. Buddy will be left alone. As for the questions…

Great points on Tib (and no costume… but that is one I would love to get…).
Tibs is Right Flank. Raid D is Sonya (Debuff), Tib (Def Down), Telluria, Boril (Counter), and Chao. I know that is 2 blues, but my thought is if a team stacks red against Tell, they’ll have a slightly tougher time against Boril and Sonya as red is weak against Blue)

Maybe a 2-1 split… 2 sets of emblems to Chao for every 1 to Tib… that way both get stronger…and both defenses (War/Raid) benefit.

Thanks again all! Much appreciated!


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