Anyone? Seriously!

I try to put something on here regularly to drive recruitment for our alliance 27 Crows, but, we are still only 19 members! We’re doing well, but we want to do better, and for that, we need you!
So if you enjoy slaying titans, driving your enemy back to their alliance with tails between their legs in wars, enjoy and relish in the never predictable raids and tournaments, and enjoy a little bantering with your allies, then please, come and check us out!

27 Crows

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If you’re interested in a merger your team would fit into our two teams. Global Underground and GU academy.

I have an alliance recruitment thread for WorldPeaceTreaty on here and no one seems to see it. I know exactly what you’re feeling and I guess we will have to convince our friends and family help us grow our alliance :joy:

Hey, thanks, but we don’t want a merge, just grow!

We got lucky and had 5 members from another alliance join us after we beat them during a war they came over and slotted in nicely and as it turns out their leader had been inactive for a while just like ours before we had created our new alliance just weeks before they joined. Other than that we pick up new players from being open then keep those that decide to play regularly and kick those that give up after a few days.

Tried that! My wife hated it, but we do have a few families within our family!

My wife plays but she’s not crazy serious. Had both of my brothers but then they stopped playing lol. Guess I need to get cousins and uncles and aunts involved!


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