Looking for a home ShadowSpawn

Been playing a while the current Alliance is gradually loosing members great folks but we are at less than 20 players now.

Who is interested.

Play nearly every day
Use my flags.
As long as we can communicate I don’t care where the Alliance is homed.
I usually hold my own in Titans, usually top hitter in current Alliance wouldn’t mind being in the top ten in a new alliance.


Do u have line? I think I can help… @Shadowspawn. The Shops are one of the originals in the game. With 4 houses I’m sure we can figure something out. :beers:


@Shadowspawn The Shop Family has several great options for you!

While One Stop Titan Shop and Paradox Shop are full, Shop After Dark has room for 2, and Ye Olde Curiosities Shop has room for 7 if some of your mates want to join up with you.

The Shop Family is one of the oldest franchises in the game, with a great culture surrounding it, and even better people.


Bearcats has one spot open, laid back group, pop on over.

Hey, ShadowSpawn. We have a cool alliance, complemented by another resting place. Chack us out:

What’s up ShadowSpawn, if you are still looking Infinite Waters is lookin to fill up our remaining 5 spots. We’re an international group with mainly English speakers, and range from mid to high level players. We have Line and Discord for communicating and clowning around, our rules are strict enough that all flags are used and whenever alliance participation is needed is given, but not like upper alliances where we’re also laid back and can enjoy the game… when we’re not cursing about bad boards or horrible loot…

Good luck with your search and happy gaming!


If you understand the benefits of a capped alliance/capped titans, check out Ascendancy and line Tsataya - tell her I sent you. War record is 162-25, no joke

Hit that link above and let’s have a chat. I’m co leader of East of the Equator. We have 5 alliances in our family. We also have a great library of game tips and info. You are free to enjoy our library even if you do not join one of our teams. Come check it out. Its free.

:thinking: I do wonder whether it’s worth me throwing the hat in the ring considering the offers already.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. :laughing:

Check us out at Fusion Fighters.
We’re mainly every day players.
War strategy and coordinated tanks.

Check us out at “The Average Joes”. One spot is open. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can anyone of us here be able to check out your Library? I’m a newbie. Just seeking infos.

Yep. Come have a look. We have a short chat first then I’ll open up the library to you

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Apologies to OP. Didnt intend to use your post but was asked a question. At least your ad got bumped. Again sorry.

Hi Shadowspawn, please check out Shadow Elysium! If not for any other reason, your alias name is just a perfect match :slight_smile:

Shadow Elysium is a merger of two great alliances (Shadow Warriors and Akkadian Elysium) of the same spirit, which perhaps can be described as “casual serious”. We have many veteran players, but I’m sure you would still be in the top 10! We are from several different countries and time zones with a slight dominance of North America (I am from Sweden myself), and a mix of male and female members. English language in the chat(s). Many members are very active in fun and interesting chat discussions regarding the game, whereas others just play the game, it is up to you. There is a real family feel to the alliance, and if needed you get a lot of support also on the personal level. We have an optional Line group which is highly recommended, where we can post pictures, ask polls etc. and also have a separate Line group with the awesome “Wise Goat” plugin which you can ask questions regarding virtually every aspect of the game. But everyone is not using it, so it is totally up to you. Also, a few of us have started using heroplan.io where we have an alliance you can join if you like. There we can look at each others heroes, teams etc. as a base for discussions. Like Line that is just a bonus if you like it and not required.

We have very good flag usage in wars and against titans in general, but there is a common understanding that real life issues can prevent you from playing sometimes (we do opt out of wars if we know this in advance). We usually fight 10-11* titans. We have a coordinated war strategy (we attack weaker targets and let them respawn in two attack waves before going for the all-in attack), but you are encouraged to deviate from this e.g. if you need to use your flags at a certain point.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this post or contact me on Line (magicrebel is my ID). Or just make a join request and try us out for a while and see what you think!

Hello there Shadowspawn,
The Last Legion family of alliances is recruiting. Included in the Legion are alliances ranging from a training alliance to a top 10 alliance. One alliance in particular has a spot I think you may be interested in, Legion of Hunters. You can find me on Line at Line Id; RomanLeviticus or respond here if you would like to discuss further. On another note, is it Shadow Spawn? Or Shadows’ Pawn? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I see what you did there :joy:

Thanks so much. Once the alliance challenge is complete I will be reaching out. Some great options.

I think I need a little education on this topic.

Shadow_scott Is my line id. I don’t use it much I figure I will start with the first reply seems fair. After dark looks good we can talk in line

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Look forward to our chat my friend :kiss:

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