Looking for a home ShadowSpawn

@Shadowspawn line is being harsh on me right now, please look me up diablogato2020. I’m the leader over at Shop After Dark. We can get you fixed up.

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October 14 |

Can anyone of us here be able to check out your Library? I’m a newbie. Just seeking infos.

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October 13 |

Hit that link above and let’s have a chat. I’m co leader of East of the Equator. We have 5 alliances in our family. We also have a great library of game tips and info. You are free to enjoy our library even if you do not join one of our teams. Come check it out. Its free.
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Sorry out of town and busy
Capped titans allow you to save battle items/mats for tourneys/mythic/etc, with virtually no difference in rolls for ascension loot
Alliance with 18-20 super strong players is matchup nightmare, no one our size is our strong, hence our war record

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