Some friends and I looking for a new home

There are way too many recruiting messages to wade through out there, so I decided to make a recruiting message for myself.

So, to not beat around the bush, here is what I offer and what I’m looking for.

Myself and a few friends are looking for a home. There currently 4 or 5 of us. 1 is fairly new (low 30s and 3500 tp), the rest of us are all basically 4200+, and playing for 2+ years. We’ve been around the block, and back, and don’t need a lot of babysitting. I’ve personally played in Alliances at pretty much every level, and have been in leadership at every level.

What we’re looking for is an environment that is a bit of a unicorn, but here it goes.

We want to play somewhere that’s in the top 200 realm (all wars, titans over 10*, not many passes, other capable players), but not so rigid with rules. I know I know, you say it’s not possible, but it is, I’ve been to Shangri La and it was glorious. While we aren’t looking for somewhere that’s chaos, just not looking at everything being run through metrics like we’re an MLB team.

So while simple war strategy and rules like “hey, hit the Titan” are great, no one wants to be on a constant counter of performance, because let’s face it…we do this for fun.

So, if you think this is you, and you want to talk further, contact me on Line at WhenWeCollide.

If this isn’t you, no need for snarky replies. More than one way to skin a cat, and your way is just as good, just not our flavor.

Again, you can reach me on Line at WhenWeCollide.


Tagging some Crew Members: @Boolz_San, @JAWS_3D & @Rigs & @Mr_Style_Points

Also @Ronandex & the winterfell clan

Hope you find a home :slight_smile: I would offer Groot but we don’t have 5 spaces open currently.


Lol, nice write up.

Think we pretty much match what you’re looking for and have 5 spaces open currently.

Hit 10*-12* titans, only requirement for titans is to get hits in, we use feature message to coordinate strategy if need to let any go etc…

War, purple tanks, we are starting to get a bit of strategy to go with respawning, but main aim is 0 flags left - which is achieved most often.

Great positive chat, also use discord.

Feel free to check it out.

Edit: haha woops. Titan’s grasp

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You forgot to say who you are :stuck_out_tongue:


Saders runs stats on everything so doesn’t sound like we’d be a fit

@WhenWeCollide knows the crews inside n out and i think would have reached out if we’re what he’s lookin for though

Nice to see you still playin @WhenWeCollide
Thanks for the shout out @Guvnor


Same here, @Guvnor. Appreciate the shout out for crew, but my role with crew is pretty much limited to periodically pissing off Rigs and occasionally posting a picture of a turkey with a hairy ballsack for his dangly neck bits.


Ironic… We’ve had exactly 5 spots open up - for some, real life commitments and for others the challenge of 13* titans and the level of opposition we face in wars, has been overwhelming.

The Incognitos is home, I’ll send you a line message. However, we introduced a minimum titan damage level so I’m unsure your fairly new person would consistently meet this expectation?!

@WhenWeCollide extremely interested. We could make room for 4 maybe 5.


If you’re still out hunting, our sister alliance has spots still open.

Laid-back vibe, friendly people, fun family style playing.

Please feel free to check her out, Sixth Element Redux, for more info.

Contact us on Discord:
@GenieDee - Neano#8402 (co-leader of Sixth Element)
@KWScott - Kevin W. Scott#0807 (leader of Sixth Element)
@Galandriel#7272 (leader of Sixth Element Redux)

Happy gaming!

Yes, it is possible… My alliance is like that. Just be an adult (aka - Be responsible towards your teammates) and the rest falls in line.

Sadly, we don’t have the room, but keep looking until you find the perfect home. It’s there :slight_smile:


Hey my alliance need new recruits. If interested u can join " DEADLY SOULS" itz icon is a skull in red background. Would love if u play with us… itz an active alliance. We need members …

Mods, you can close this.


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All set, enjoy your new home! :slightly_smiling_face:

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