Looking for a change

send me a message on line , we have 4 spots on blood brigade , line id supreme514

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Crew-Jesters are searching for one. We are killing 14* titans and we are competitive in every aspect of the game. We have a drama free atmosphere and many knowledgeable players that can provide new ideas and advices. Send me a message if you are interested in line. My line id is kloster31 and we will be happy to see you there!

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Tornado of misfits will welcome you. We are 20 members currently. Supportive and relatively flexible.

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Thank you for the generous invites. I am currently sitting in just do the stuff but I may hop around a bit. :slight_smile:

Would love to have y’all! Some of are chatty some are not. We don’t judge!

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Check out Thepalace, I think they still have a spot:
Warm, helpful and active leadership
11* titans plus rare 12s
All flags used
Dark tanks, ffa wars
No crazy rules, just a nicely balanced team who work for and with each other
You’d be most welcome :smiley:

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Did you find an alliance?
Looking for a change myself …. Am getting a bit tired so nothing too heavy

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Join Blood Brigade alliance is open

Yes i found one right in the middle not to heavy not to disappointing they’re just starting out so its interesting. Dragon cohort.

btw…i am not level 60 and they took me…lol so i think they are a bit more flexible than posted

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You’re very welcome to join us at Schiltron if you’re still looking. :slightly_smiling_face:

@JGE Hi did you find an alliance yet? I’m still with dragon cohort TMA. We’re up to 15 members and 10/11* titans already…and I’m still having fun. :slight_smile:

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I have temporarily joined a nice alliance of mixed players. And with less pressure it no longer feels like a constant grind for me ……
I just needed a bit of a rest / time out before I go on holiday at the end of this month.
And it’s good to be able to offer a few hints and tips to others.

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I’m so glad you found a nice place to hang your hat. And ageed it’s is nice to help people and watch them run with it.

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Is Dragon Cohort still looking? It seems like a good fit for me. I use all flags and hit Titan regularly. I recently joined an Alliance that seemed fine, but many don’t hit the titan including the leader - who also missed 5 flags in the last war.

sent request, 7nt

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Hey, always keep Crew-Rogues in mind if you want to do (hand waves) all that other stuff (titans, wars, etc…), but also want to:
*** make bawdy jokes when heroes get to level 69!
*** tell horrible dad jokes!
*** discover fun facts about farting sharks and rat urination!
It’s literally so much fun that we actually enjoy the last 2 hours of mid-week war!
Dont miss out!
4200+, use flags if opted in; 2200 cups; 10-11* titans
Contact bzzldy now!

Come join Under the radar 2.0! Our old alliance fell apart, and we are regrowing into a new alliance. Strong active players, active in titans, war. Just starting over, so still working on growing.

Hey eddy!

Rise Against Academy has 8-9* titans and FFA wars with blue tanks. Join our supportive, laid back group :slightly_smiling_face:

Hallo ich suche eine neue Allianz. Bin Auf Level 74 und habe um die 30 gelevelte 5er Helden. Bin erfahren im Krieg und aktiv unterwegs. Suche eine Allianz die gutem Niveau unterwegs ist und Spaß am Spiel hat. Ggf. kämen noch 2 Member mit mir.
Besten Dank

If you haven’t found an alliance yet then come on over and check us out

Dragon Cohort TMA


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